July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

I hope everyone is having a great Canada Day--well, all three of my readers anyway! (heehee).

Well, yesterday was fun for a vacation day, we went and watched the movie WALL.E--it was cute for an animated cartoon and then we did a bit of shopping. Last night we went to the Napanee River---the girls went kayaking and Kevin and I hiked around the river and saw the pictures below.

Today, I've been backing up files again--wow, they seem to take forever---I took a break after my last weekend of "fun" backing up files to DVDs. I still have Feb-April to finish...

We went for a hike to Lemoine's Point in Kingston, since we hadn't been there in a few weeks. It was a very nice and shady spot to spend the afternoon, so I'm sure I'll post some of those pics this week sometime too. We also went to Confederation Park in Kingston, where they were having some Canada festivities, but it was way too busy for us, so we headed uptown and went to Red Lobster for supper--Yummy!

We are now waiting until it's time for the fireworks and we'll head into Napanee to watch them---if I can stay awake!

Now, onto the pictures for today!

A duck family---these are the babies in my previous posts---wow, they are getting so big!

The next couple of pics are of a new duck family with 5 little babies...they were not very scared of us at all.

The next pic is that of a painted turtle, who kept a close watch on me...almost like he was begging for food...

The next pic is the merganser duck again...still have yet to see the babies, that Keturah said are out there somewhere!

The last pic is of Keturah and Brooke kayaking up the river.

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