June 23, 2012

Weeds & Wildflowers Pt.2

This week I've included more weeds/wildflowers from Presquile Park, taken during a walk a couple of weeks ago.

There happens to be a couple of buggies in this week's offerings as well!  I think the 4th pic is my favourite this week, although I love the butterfly one too!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them and next week I'll bring back more from our trip to Myrtle Beach..I'm sure there are some pelican shots I haven't shared yet! :-)

Have a great week!

June 16, 2012

Weeds & Wildflowers

This week I'm including some shots of weeds and wildflowers...at least I hope some are wildflowers. I am totally not a gardener at ALL!! So, with that thought in mind, here are the photos. The first 4 were shot in Napanee along the boardwalk a couple of weeks ago and the last 2 were shot at Presquile Park. There are a couple of buggies in there too if you can find them!

Oh yeah, if you know what kind they are feel free to let me know!

Have a great week!

June 10, 2012

Birds of Presquile

Hello Everyone! Today I am sharing some photos of birds that I took at Presquile Park a couple of weeks ago.

1st pic-a bunch of swans flying overhead...
2nd pic-a cute swan family with 2 babies just grabbing a snack in this swampy area
3rd pic-another swan family with 4 babies. I took about 100 photos of these guys and this is the best photo I got---try getting 1 decent photo of the 6 of them! This is why I do not shoot portraits!
4th pic-a lone swan near the entrance of the park
5th pic-a hummingbird getting a snack
6th pic-the same bird having a SHORT rest on a branch after snacking-these are the ONLY shots I've ever gotten of a hummingbird...they are just too darn fast, or I'm too slow!
7th pic-a warbler of some kind, having a short break after eating at the bird feeder

Have a great week!

June 3, 2012

Wildlife on the Logging Museum Trail

As we were leaving Algonquin Park, we decided to stop and go through the Logging Museum Trail. It's an educational trail and only about 1.5 kms. Kevin likes the educational part of it and the rest of us enjoy the scenery! I didn't take my super-zoom lens, so some of these shots would have been better if I had! Oh well... We hardly ever see any wildlife on this trail except for a few birds.

This time we saw lots of dragonflies (can you find it in the first photo?), gray jays (eating our snacks), a heron, a snapping turtle (going for a swim) and a few frogs as shown below. I have also included one of my favourite scenery shots.

Enjoy your week!