September 30, 2008

Some more cutie pies

Are you tired of horse shots yet? Here are some more of my favourite pictures of horses from Saturday at the farm. It was a good shooting day from my point of view (despite the rain)!!!

1st Pic- I'm not sure of this one's name (I'm thinking Fiddler, but Keturah thinks it's not him)
2nd Pic-Finnegan
3rd Pic-Chinook
4th Pic-BJ

September 28, 2008


Here are some shots of a cute little horse name Torrent that I took at the farm yesterday. He was kind of soggy as it had been raining quite awhile and he was out behind the barn. In the last picture he is posing with Finnegan.

Today we went apple picking between the bouts of rain. We tasted and picked a variety of apples: Macintosh, Red delicious, Ida Red, Russet and Northern Spy. I am currently smelling the apple crisp that I made, cooking in the oven and my mouth is watering. Kevin is busy in the kitchen making his famous apple pie! Yummy!

Enjoy today's pics!

September 27, 2008


Here are some shots of Casey (the cutie), taken at the farm today. It was a very wet day, but we persevered as only horse lovers do! Luckily came prepared with my rubber boots and big umbrella so the camera would stay dry! :-)

I took about 200 shots and have some very nice shots of some of the other horses, which I'll highlight later this week!

Enjoy these shots of Casey (my favourite horse!)

September 23, 2008

Best Buds!

Here are three pictures I took of Andy (black horse) and Bear (brown horse) a couple of weeks ago. I love the bond they seem to share and am glad I took so many pics of them that day! ENJOY!

September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Keturah!

Quick post today to wish Keturah a very HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY! Time sure flies because we are having so much fun!

Here's the birthday girl with her birthday cake!

September 21, 2008

The Boiler Room....

was the setting for Keturah's 11th birthday party on Saturday. Here are pics of her and her sister, her best friend and her cousin enjoying the climbing. We went outside and had her birthday cake by the water, which was nice because it was such a nice day. We then went out for dinner at East Side Marios! It was a great birthDAY!

1st Pic-Brookie climbing
2nd Pic-Emily climbing very high
3rd Pic-Keturah and Andrew in the climbing cave
4th Pic-Keturah and her friend, Emily
5th Pic-Keturah climbing
6th Pic-Andrew climbing with help from Aunt Cindy
7th Pic-Kevin climbed the wall (once)

September 20, 2008

The Girlies....

Here are a few shots of Brooke and Keturah taken while we were in Niagara Falls at various locations:

1st and 2nd-taken at Butterfly Conservatory
3rd and 4th-taken on Clifton Hill outside of the Ripley's Museum
5th-taken at Victoria Park
6th and 7th-taken at the Glow-In-The-Dark golf

We are off to the Rock Climbing Gym today for Keturah's Birthday! If I get any pics, I'll post them tomorrow!

September 18, 2008

They aren't yellow roses....

...but here are some flower shots that I took while in Niagara Falls. The first 4 were taken at the Butterfly Conservatory gardens and the last one was taken at Victoria Park along the way to the Falls.

I felt like flowers today and yes, yellow roses are my favourite, but until I get some of those, I hope you enjoy these ones!

September 17, 2008

Some Unwanted Visitors...

..and no, I don't mean Paige and Shaydn!! Just kidding girls!

Here is a picture of a tree frog that was on our house the night we came home from Niagara Falls (Aug 29) and a picture of a praying mantis, who was on our house tonight when we got home from work.

As you know, neither are my "favourite" thing to shoot, but I thought I would practice my Macro shooting! And then, Keturah creeped me out when she said that the mantis knows how to fly! Oh great, that was really helpful! So, I quickly took 30 pictures of it and hurried inside!


September 14, 2008

The Usual Napanee Birdlife

Here are a few pics I took last Saturday night when we went walking after dinner. It was about 730-8pm, so it was getting dark as you can see from the heron shot. The ducks were close enough that the flash highlighted them!

September 13, 2008

More Horse Pictures


Sorry it's been awhile for a post!!

So, I'm up early and going through my pics for the last couple of weeks. Here are some horse shots from the farm a couple weeks ago...

1st-A tree with horses under it (I like the sky in this shot)
2nd- Andy
3rd-Keturah (also like the sky here too!)
4th-Abby and Keturah

September 7, 2008

Upper Canada Village

Here are some pictures of our trip to Upper Canada Village last Sunday. Well, they are mostly pictures of buildings with sky in them, as I was playing around with my Circular Polarizers, (which bring out the blues in the pics) because it was such a beautiful day! And, because it was sooo sunny, I played with the exposure option on my camera too, so the pictures wouldn't look so overexposed in the sunlight. Something I've been wanting to do for awhile, but usually I'm in a hurry, so I just change positions so the sun is behind me and doesn't wash out my shots.

Anyway, enjoy!!! I've been backing up my files, two months of files seem to take forever to backup to DVD....but, better safe than sorry!

September 6, 2008

Farm Pics

Here are some pictures of horses and donkeys from last week, when it was really sunny, unlike today, where it is overcast. I'll save today's pics for later this week.

1st Pic-Andy and Casey
2nd Pic-Torrent
3rd & 4th Pics-donkey pics (this is how I get rid of my leftover carrots each week!)