September 7, 2008

Upper Canada Village

Here are some pictures of our trip to Upper Canada Village last Sunday. Well, they are mostly pictures of buildings with sky in them, as I was playing around with my Circular Polarizers, (which bring out the blues in the pics) because it was such a beautiful day! And, because it was sooo sunny, I played with the exposure option on my camera too, so the pictures wouldn't look so overexposed in the sunlight. Something I've been wanting to do for awhile, but usually I'm in a hurry, so I just change positions so the sun is behind me and doesn't wash out my shots.

Anyway, enjoy!!! I've been backing up my files, two months of files seem to take forever to backup to DVD....but, better safe than sorry!


Paigie <3 said...

is it fun there?

Susan said...

well, it's educational, not sure if you'd consider that fun! There is a boat ride and wagon ride and horses, cows and pigs too.

Paigie said...

oh ok that kinda,not really sounds fun haha.

Shadyn said...

I thought that place was fun!

But I was like 7 or so at the time, haha.