September 30, 2014

Saunders Country Zoo-Farm Animals

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some photos of some of the farm animals found at Saunders Country Critters Zoo and Garden Centre. We went for a visit to Ottawa the end of June and our friends took us to this awesome place...They have such a variety of animals to view and a wonderful "meet the animals" show as well, we got to pet so many exotic animals because we stuck around and talked to the owners/employees (after all the little kids left!) :-)

So, over the next few weeks, I'll be highlighting more of the animals found there! These are mostly goats but can't remember exactly the kind they are...the second to last one is an angora goat with the curly hair! The last one is a sheep...I don't like to post photos of animals with fences in their face, but this one was too cute!

Well, we didn't make it to the zoo on Friday...Keturah had to go to the doctors and get blood work done, so when she was done with that, we went shopping in Kingston for the day. Kevin had to work at QMS too for a couple of days and all this week as well, so he wouldn't have been able to come! So, not sure when we will get there!

This week will be a busy one again with dentist for Keturah and a couple of long overdue lunch dates with some friends that I haven't seen in awhile on Thurs and Fri. Still waiting to hear about school. It's waiting final approval, so I should find out by the end of this week and hopefully start next week!

I'll likely be back with more on Friday! Enjoy your week!

September 22, 2014

Springside Park Plants

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the last of the photos from the Springside Park visit in early July. These include some raspberries, a thistle and some flowers..maybe weeds..I'm not a gardener of any kind, so don't know what any plants are called! :-)

Well, last week we headed to Grand Manan again for a quick check out a couple of properties...we were going to go in August, but Kevin got called to the school to work, so we never went, but since he's off now and we had the time, we packed up and went. We drove through the night on the way down, which really sucked and don't know if I'd do it again...I didn't sleep much when Kevin was driving, so when it came my turn at 2am..I had to stop and get some caffeine and we had to survive on coffee all the next day while we toured around. We had one full day of sightseeing...visiting all our favourite haunts and talking to people who live there! We drove straight home on Saturday, so that was a long day too, but more manageable because we had gotten a good night sleep the night before.

This week, I hope will be quieter...:-) Today is Keturah's 17th birthday..hard to believe she is that old...that, I'm THAT old! :-) In less than one year, she will be off to college! Scary, but exciting! 

We may head to the zoo on Friday as it's a PA day, so I may not post again this week! Hopefully the weather hasn't all summer! I have passes for the zoo and we've been trying to go since June, but every time Brooke had a day off it rained or threatened to, so we will hopefully go Friday.

Enjoy your week!

September 16, 2014

More Springside Park

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some photos from the Springside Park, where the heron is usually found. There is always some sort of critter to take pics of, or some flowers/weeds or landscapes! I'm kind of fond of the waterfall myself and have tons of photos...especially on my phone!

This time I have some shots of a juvenile wood duck. We think he is anyway.... :-) Other shots include some thistles and some flowers with bees hanging around them.

Well, our weekend was pretty quiet. Kevin was sick with a cold from Friday-Monday and Keturah on Saturday. We did manage to go out shopping for a bit on Friday night (Keturah and I) and of course, our weekly grocery shopping trip on Sunday.

The paperwork has been submitted for my course, just the waiting game now to hear about the funding. They told me there's a two week turnaround, so I should hear by the end of the month! :-)

Enjoy your week!

September 12, 2014

The Heron, Pt. 3

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the last of THESE heron pics! I may have more from another outing, but this is it for this day. Next time I'll include a few shots from Springside Park, but will be mostly flowers, scenery, etc.

Well, I can't believe this week is over already! Time sure flies some days! I've been busy doing paperwork to go back to school the last couple of weeks. So, fingers crossed, it all works out. It should be fun and challenging and keep me out of trouble too! :-)

Zeek and myself have gone on a lot of walks this week...a couple down the road and a couple in town at Springside Park. I'm loving this cooler fall weather...I know, most of my friends are cringing and cursing me about now, but I'm looking forward to winter!

Nothing planned for the weekend...Enjoy it!

September 9, 2014

The Heron, Pt. 2

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting more photos of the heron taken at the local waterfall. I tried to add different poses, but in all  honesty, he doesn't move a whole lot! I did include a photo of him from behind...he is soo skinny! Another one of him catching his lunch and one of him fluffed up a bit, after he stretches everything out!

Well, this week I'm trying to get back into a routine of sorts so Zeek and I went on our first walk down the road. All was good and he even enjoyed it, I think! I must have been half asleep because I took my car key with me instead of the house key, so managed to lock myself out! Duh! Luckily the window was open, so I had to get a planter from the back deck and stand on it to reach the window! That was my excitement for this week--so far!

Enjoy your week!

September 5, 2014

The Heron

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some of the heron shots. These shots were taken at the waterfall. He's been there a lot lately. I sometimes have my camera...My family likes it when I leave it at home, so I don't hold them up! :-) I'll have a few more pics to highlight of this gorgeous guy, so please bear with me!

Well, I'm certainly glad it is Friday. I am SOOO tired...Along with my variety of appointments today and Tuesday, Kevin and I were in Waterloo for two days. Two days of non-stop action, I tell ya! Brooke kept us busy, unpacking, shopping, washing, moving and lifting furniture, arranging and re-arranging, etc. etc. We did take a break and go to the St. Jacobs Market. We bought a lot of fruits and veggies and even a treat for Zeek!

I am hoping to sleep in tomorrow, but having said that, I probably won't...maybe I'll go to bed early tonight?

Nothing planned for the weekend! Have a good one!

September 2, 2014

Geese and Goslings

Welcome Back!

Today I'm highlighting the last of these geese/gosling shots from the Fairfield Historical Park visit in June. I'm sure I'll have more from another visit, but this is it for now! I think next time I'll highlight some of the heron shots. I have a few of those too, but if the heron isn't very active, they all look the same, so I won't have as many to highlight!

Well, the weekend was quiet, which was good. I was tired out from shopping in Watertown on Friday. Hard to believe we can spend the whole day there! Then I had an iced coffee on the way home and couldn't get to sleep... We did some shopping on the weekend..groceries and whatnot.

This week is going to be very busy as I have a couple of appointments, Zeek also has an appointment to get his haircut and we are taking Brookie back to Waterloo and helping her get moved into her apartment.

So, if all goes well, I will post again on Friday! Have a great week!