September 12, 2014

The Heron, Pt. 3

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the last of THESE heron pics! I may have more from another outing, but this is it for this day. Next time I'll include a few shots from Springside Park, but will be mostly flowers, scenery, etc.

Well, I can't believe this week is over already! Time sure flies some days! I've been busy doing paperwork to go back to school the last couple of weeks. So, fingers crossed, it all works out. It should be fun and challenging and keep me out of trouble too! :-)

Zeek and myself have gone on a lot of walks this week...a couple down the road and a couple in town at Springside Park. I'm loving this cooler fall weather...I know, most of my friends are cringing and cursing me about now, but I'm looking forward to winter!

Nothing planned for the weekend...Enjoy it!

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