September 22, 2014

Springside Park Plants

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the last of the photos from the Springside Park visit in early July. These include some raspberries, a thistle and some flowers..maybe weeds..I'm not a gardener of any kind, so don't know what any plants are called! :-)

Well, last week we headed to Grand Manan again for a quick check out a couple of properties...we were going to go in August, but Kevin got called to the school to work, so we never went, but since he's off now and we had the time, we packed up and went. We drove through the night on the way down, which really sucked and don't know if I'd do it again...I didn't sleep much when Kevin was driving, so when it came my turn at 2am..I had to stop and get some caffeine and we had to survive on coffee all the next day while we toured around. We had one full day of sightseeing...visiting all our favourite haunts and talking to people who live there! We drove straight home on Saturday, so that was a long day too, but more manageable because we had gotten a good night sleep the night before.

This week, I hope will be quieter...:-) Today is Keturah's 17th birthday..hard to believe she is that old...that, I'm THAT old! :-) In less than one year, she will be off to college! Scary, but exciting! 

We may head to the zoo on Friday as it's a PA day, so I may not post again this week! Hopefully the weather hasn't all summer! I have passes for the zoo and we've been trying to go since June, but every time Brooke had a day off it rained or threatened to, so we will hopefully go Friday.

Enjoy your week!

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