December 19, 2015

Bird Kingdom, Pt.3

Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Welcome Back!

This week I have more of the critters found at the beginning of Bird Kingdom displays...some of these you can even touch as you can see from the 2nd and 3rd photos. Kevin was petting the bearded dragon and he seemed to like it! :-)

Other photos include a white cockatoo and a eclectus parrot, who is so very colourful! 

Well, another fast week at work, which is good I guess! I love the variety of the job as well as working with all that crafty goodness! :-) The only downside of working there is that I don't get very many days off this holiday season as in past jobs..but I like the job, so I don't mind it all that much! :-)

We are heading to get Brooke in Waterloo tomorrow, so I'm posting a day early. She will be home for a couple of weeks and Kevin is off too for a couple of weeks. Keturah and I will be the ones working through the holidays! 

Anyway, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, as I won't likely post until after the holidays. We are hoping to get to Ottawa for a visit at some point too!

Have a great holiday season! 

December 13, 2015

Bird Kingdom, Pt. 2

Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls, Ontario

 Welcome Back!

This time I have some other creatures to highlight. These are found on the first floor of the Bird Kingdom...Just to warm you up before you go into the bird aviaries.

You will find below: tortoises, bearded dragons, a lizard of some sort and a burmese python pile. I'm glad it was sleeping, as I hate to watch them slither around! :-)

This week went by quickly as they all seem to! I worked in the store a bit and also helped get displays ready for their trip to California to the big CHA show in January. I will be teaching some classes in January too! I hope people sign up for them! :-) 

This weekend was spent Xmas shopping, visiting friends at the Lazy Gardener and at an Epicure Open House too! Today we finally decked our halls, here at the Maracle Homestead. I should say, Keturah did. I've been busy getting my cards ready to mail out and doing laundry and cooking a nice dinner and doing some paperwork for SMaracle Designs! Fun stuff!

Have a great week!

December 6, 2015

Bird Kingdom

Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Welcome Back!

This week I'm highlighting some pretty birds...These guys were found at the entrance to the Bird Kingdom Attraction in Niagara Falls. This is one place we always return to when we go to Niagara is usually so relaxing, you can sit and watch the birds for hours. They even have a little cafe in the midst of the big aviary, where we usually partake of some kind of beverage too! 

I'll have lots more in the coming weeks, but these are a green-winged macaw and a blue and gold macaw. I'll let you figure out which is which! :-)

This week went fairly quickly again and was quiet, especially after the craziness of Black Friday! I've been getting some shopping done and working on some Xmas tags too when I'm home...I stayed home all day yesterday because I have a stupid cold and am trying to shake it, but it got the best of me yesterday, so I didn't even go outside. Today, we made up for it with our usual grocery shopping, a trip to Kingston for some Xmas shopping and ice cream too! Just finishing up my laundry and then off to bed...Nyquil has been my best friend this week! :-)

Have a great week!