February 23, 2010

Some Scenics!

Here are some scenic shots (landscapes) taken at Amherst Island. The first shot I used my polarizer and shot against the sun as it glistened on the water and got this effect. Photographers are the only ones who dread the sun, maybe we're all part vampires! Actually, it is sometimes hard to get shots that are exposed properly, too much sun can overexpose your shot. The other shot I included is one of the shoreline on the south side of the island.


February 14, 2010


Yep, despite the warm weather, there are still icicles around! You just have to look for them. I went on a photo trip on Friday to Amherst Island and found these on the side of the island that is hit with the water from Lake Ontario. They looked pretty cool in the sun and so I took a few photos of them. I didn't see much of anything else...some ducks, a couple of geese and a couple of swans. I also saw lots of hawks, but they were too far away to get a good shot.

February 7, 2010

Keturah and Ziggy

Sorry for not posting in a while...I've been busy, but not sure what was keeping me so busy!! Anyway, here are some shots of Keturah with her regular steed, Ziggy.