November 26, 2011

Prepare to say "Ahhh"!!!

I was so excited to shoot these little guys at the Zoo. They are African Penguins. There are 12 of them, but I think I only shot 9 of them. They were so cute, waddling around, swimming, etc. You could also watch them underwater, but I didn't get any good shots through the plexiglass and water, so here is what I managed to capture!

1st pic-standing around
2nd pic-calling for his mate
3rd pic-headshot
4th pic-one swimming in the water
5th pic-a group of them hanging on their "beach"

Hope you enjoyed them..I do have even MORE shots for you next time! I narrowed down my 100+ shots of them to about 15! :-)

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November 21, 2011

Zoo Pics & Thanks!

As mentioned, my friend, Melissa and I went to the Toronto Zoo on Remembrance Day! They were calling for rain, but it held off----thankfully! Here are some shots I took within the first 1/2 hr of our visit. More to come!
1st -Warthog
2nd-Duck balancing on 1 leg
3rd-Tapir having a snack
4th-Cattle Egret
5th-Green Ratsnake (sorry to those snake-haters)
6th-Birds having a snack

Thanks to all who visit my blog! I can't believe my little blog has almost 2500 pageviews! Anyway, I'm giving all my faithful readers an early Xmas present! Yes, just send me an email if you are interested. Everyone who does gets an 8.5x11inch, cardstock (or laminated--I'm still working out the design) 2012 calendar with one of my photos on it. You can specify the photo by name and date of the post if you know....if you aren't sure, just state heron, penguin, moose, etc. whatever your animal of choice is and I'll pick one of my favourites!

Just email me at with your photo of choice and your address so I can mail it to you!

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November 12, 2011

A Hiking We Will Go....

Last Sunday was so beautiful that we went for a walk around Lemoine's Point in Kingston. It's a pretty nice walk, but even better if you get to see some critters! Here are all the ones we saw throughout the walk..sorry for posting so many this week, but I couldn't narrow it down to just 2-3 this week!

4th-Woodpecker-he was far away!
5th-the sun shining through the trees
6th-chipmunk, pigging out on the seeds
7th-fat squirrel eating something
8th-squirrel checking us out
9th-another squirrel
10th-a black squirrel

My friend Melissa and I were at the Toronto Zoo on Friday and I took 3 SD cards full of pictures, so once I get through them, I'll be sure and post some shots...We had an awesome day for shooting. It was a bit chilly, but didn't rain on us! The animals tend to be more active too! I got to see and shoot the African Penguins too..they are so darn cute, I wanted to sneak one home!

November 6, 2011

PEI Critters

Welcome back Everyone!

This week I'm highlighting some shots of critters that I took while in PEI. The middle 3 pics were all taken at New Argyle Beach, PEI. I think it was our favourite beach! Lots of critters to dig up and torment! ha!

1st Pic-A Snail and it's trail--makes a great background! This was taken at a small beach we stopped at to poke around (name unknown)

2nd Pic-A Crab--not sure of the kind--definitely not a green crab, as they are really agressive and these guys were scurring to get away from us--I don't blame them!

3rd Pic-a Razor Clam-we would dig these guys up and then watch and time them to see how long it took for them to sink into the mud! They're very fast!

4th pic-A Clam-not sure what kind, but he was being shy once we picked him up!

5th pic-a Starfish-this would make a good background too!

6th pic-A bunch of hermit crabs under the water! Can you guess how many there are?

Well, this week my fellow photographer, Melissa and I are off to the Toronto Zoo to shoot some more animal pics...I'm hoping to see the penguins this time as we had just missed them last time we were there..they opened like 2 days later! URGH...


November 3, 2011


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