February 24, 2013

More Flowers....

from the Strawberry Banke Museum.

This week I've included some more pretty and/or interesting flowers, including pitcher plants, venus fly traps and flowers that don't look like real flowers!
I think I'll have one more posting next week with flowers from this place. As I mentioned, they had an awesome garden! I might include some of the village buildings after that.

Well, we have decided to head to Myrtle Beach again for March Break, so we leave in 10 days I think..Pretty cool. I'm looking forward to the rest! I then have to travel to Oneida the day after we return. So lots of travel again in March!

Enjoy and more next week!

February 19, 2013

Pileated Woodpeckers

On Saturday we went for a hike to Lemoines Point in Kingston. It was a beautiful, but chilly day.

If some people would dress appropriately we could have walked longer. My little dog, Zeek was getting cold and we ended up putting him in his backpack and he rode part way through the hike!

As we were heading down a shortcut, we heard some pecking and then saw this big gorgeous bird-- the Pileated Woodpecker. They are really big and I was lucky to get fairly close to it so I could get some good shots. Then another one showed up and I managed a few shots of the two of them together. They didn't stick around long, but I was happy with the shots I got of them!

I hope everyone had a great family day! We spent the day at Grammy & Moe's, although our doggies didn't get along too well. Zeek was terrified of their two doggies. Too many strangers for him I guess!

Check out these big, beautiful birds....I also included a couple of nuthatch shots. They are so cute the way they come down the tree sideways! Kevin and Keturah were feeding them, but I was way over close to the woodpeckers, so I didn't get any shots of them feeding any of the small birds.

Back to the scheduled flowers next week!

February 11, 2013

More Garden Shots from Strawberry Banke Museum

Welcome Back!

This week I'm including more photos of foliage and flowers from the Strawberry Banke Museum.

I'm posting while I'm on the road this week! I brought everything I needed to do my weekly update, as I didn't have much time on the weekend for my weekly post! We had a family dinner on Saturday with Kevin's family, along with laundry and packing and then my drive to London on Sunday afternoon! The weekends go by so fast...the only good thing was that my trip to Rama last week was cancelled due to the nasty weather! We also closed on Friday due to weather so I had a quiet day at home snuggling with my pup!

Anyway, I'm here teaching in Oneida all week and then will have 5 days off...I can't wait! 

More flowers next week! 

February 5, 2013

The Gardens at Strawberry Banke

These photos were all taken at the Strawberry Banke Museum (pioneer village) in Portsmouth, Maine when we were on our way to Salem in August. They sure had beautiful gardens...so for the next few weeks I'll be highlighting flowers.

Here are the first batch of pretty flowers...sorry, I don't know the names of all of them..Ok..I don't know the name of any of them but the first one...I believe it is a sunflower! :-D

Sorry for the delay in posting..lots going on in life right now! Along with travelling, being sick and visiting my Uncle in the hospital on a regular basis, we added a new member to our family! Yep, we were finally allowed to get a dog at Christmas, but it took a few weeks to find the right one. We adopted Zeek from the Napanee Shelter. He is about 3 years old and is a poodle mix. He sure is a cute, if not spoiled little guy! I just love to sit and hold him! I'll add some photos of him once I get them from my SD card.
Anyway, my traveling continues this week..I'm off to Rama on Thurs-Fri and then to Oneida on Sunday again for the whole week! Then after that, I've booked some extra days so I'll be off for 5 days straight! Whew! I'll need it!