May 29, 2010

Pretty Birds!

Here a couple of "pretty birds". We went up north to a cottage again in Minden for the long weekend in May.  It sure was great weather compared to last year (snow and rain last May 2-4)!! Anyway, we got out hiking a bit and drove through Algonquin Park once again. We saw two moose, but none were close enough to get a good shot! We took a drive over to the Muskoka Wildlife Centre ( about 1.25 hrs from Minden). While there, we saw a lot of animals who couldn't live in the wild anymore for various reasons. Below are pictures of a Kestrel and a Barn Owl (you know how much I love owls!) Anyway, this is the owl off of the TV show, Zoboomafoo, called Moonface.

May 18, 2010

He's Back!

Sorry for not posting for ages....The girls and I went to Ottawa on the weekend and we had a ton of fun too! Anyway, I finally had time today to post some photos! Here are some shots of the Great Blue Heron who resides in Napanee in the summer.Actually, I've seen quite a few of these guys around this year, so there is definitely more than one--my next mission, to catch more than one in the same spot (with my camera that is!) As you can see, he had some good luck fishing last Wednesday night!

May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! I thought in the spirit of mother's day, I would add a couple of my favourite shots of my beautiful girls. These were taken at Presquile Park last month. The black and white one is more formal and the other, they are goofing around in the woods on these crooked trees...

May 2, 2010

The Girls and Their Sports!

Sorry for not posting in so long....I've started a Photoshop Elements course and have two lessons per week, plus assignments...It's a 6 week course, so I hope I survive it! :-)

Here are my girlies and their favourite sports. 1st is Brooke playing soccer on her school team (the Hawks)..she will play summer soccer too and starts sometime this month, so will be playing a lot of games over the next couple of months! 2nd shot is Keturah going over a jump during her riding lesson. We spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning this weekend at a riding clinic, which she seemed to enjoy and where she also learned a lot!