February 23, 2011

More Winged Things...

Here are some more shots of butterflies taken at the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory! Sorry I haven't been out much lately to shoot anything else! haha. I will add some horse shots next time I think, so check back for those next week! I'm dealing with a cold today and will keep this short because I don't feel all that well!

February 15, 2011

Shots from Under the Sea!

Well, ok, how about just from under the water? Here are some shots taken at the Niagara Falls Aquarium in Niagara Falls, USA. Yep, with our handy passports, we just popped over to the Aquarium for a couple of hours to enjoy the fish!

These were all shot through glass and I thought didn't look too bad considering!

1st pic-Nurse Shark
2nd & 3rd pic-Unknown(if you know, leave me a comment!)
4th pic-Clownfish playing in the sea grass/weeds
5th pic-Lionfish

February 8, 2011

This isn't Sesame Street...

 ..but I have a big bird or two! Here are some more shots from the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls. These are a little bigger than your everyday birds, but not as big as "Big Bird"...Hope you enjoy them just the same!

1st Pic-the smaller Toucan having a snack
2nd Pic-the bigger Toucan posing so pretty
3rd pic-a big Hornbill
4th pic-a gorgeous-coloured red ibis
5th pic-not sure of this one's name! If you know, leave me a comment!

February 2, 2011

Bearded Creatures

Today is a snow day and work closed, so I'm puttering around the house and thought it was time to udpate the blog! Here are some pictures taken at the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls! Yes, they have a few other things besides birds! Here are some pictures of bearded dragons (first 3 pics) and iguanas (last 2 pics).

They were loose, walking around the room, so we got to touch and pet them and you could also get your photo professionally-done with one of these lovely-looking creatures! I pet them, but didn't want to pick one up! I thought I had rough, winter skin!!!