August 31, 2008

More Niagara Falls...

Today we headed to Upper Canada Village, since it was such beautiful, I'm very tired now! But, I got alot of pictures!

Here are some more pics of our adventures in Niagara!

1st Pic-This is a picture from our hotel window...pretty cool view!
2nd Pic-The gang outside Rainforest Cafe.
3rd Pic-The girls goofing around on the street.
4th Pic-The girls at the end of the glow-in-the dark mini-golf!
5th Pic-The girls at Victoria Park along the way to the falls!
6th Pic-A pic of our hotel from the falls!
7th Pic-A pic of the falls, taken along the road!

August 30, 2008

Niagara Falls Butterflies

We are back home now (as of late last night). We had fun in Niagara Falls!! We stayed at the Sheraton Fallsview, with an ACTUAL view of the falls. It was pretty cool!! We went to the Butterfly Conservatory when we got to Niagara Falls as it was a very beautiful day and there are lovely gardens there. Here are some pretty butterflies that I took pics of inside the conservatory.

We also went to the Greg Frewin Magic Show, the Aviary, Glow in the Dark Golf, rode the Fury, visited Clifton Hill, the Hershey Store, the Falls, and ate at the Rainforest Cafe and T.G.I. Fridays as well as the restaurant in the hotel overlooking the falls too!

So, more pictures of everything later this week!!

August 25, 2008


Here's a sunset picture (Napanee River) I took on the way home from soccer last Wednesday night. I thought it looked cool.

Anyway, I had a slow picture weekend as Keturah didn't go to horse riding and we had to go to a birthday party on Saturday night--I will add a few of those pics tomorrow. We were thinking of going hiking on Sunday, but after lunch and adult beverages at LoneStar, we got kinda tired and lazy (we can't hold our booze anymore--we only had one each!) and then it started raining, so we just headed home!

We are off to Niagara Falls on Wednesday of this week for a back-to-school mini-holiday, so I should get some good pics there!

August 24, 2008

Soccer is Over....

Here's Brookie with her 3rd place medal. Actually, I think they get a medal no matter what place they come in, but Brookie's team came in 3rd again this year, which was amazing, since they lost their first 7 games or so...They did really well and started to work together better once they got their new coach.

Congratulations Brookie (and Team Canadian Tire)!

August 23, 2008

Fun at the Park!

Here are some pics of Keturah and her cousin Andrew, playing at the park at the soccer field the other night...they weren't that interested in watching Brooke's team get their butt's kicked! Hee Hee...they did play the best team in the league, so that explains it, I'm sure.

Here's Keturah and Andrew spending time together!

August 19, 2008

Painted Turtle

Just one pic tonight --- here's a cute painted turtle perched on a rock out in the middle of the river. Took this Saturday during our walk along the boardwalk!

August 18, 2008

Gorgeous Guy!

We went for a hike around the river on Saturday and saw this gorgeous guy, a great blue heron, fishing in his normal spot and as per usual, I took a ton of pics and could have stayed there all night watching him!

Here are some of my favourite shots of him:

August 17, 2008

Goofy Pics!

Time for some more funny farm pics...Here are three from yesterday...they aren't overly funny, but different than I usually get at the farm! My mission was to look for DIFFERENT viewpoints!

1st Pic-Merlin--being too up close and personal (his nose isn't really that big!)
2nd Pic-Donkey-he isn't belly up--just rolling in the dust to keep the flies off!
3rd Pic-Who is this masked Horse? It's CASEY! Very cute, but very different looking when you can't see his eyes! Gotta keep those bugs away though!

August 14, 2008


Keturah's faithful and noble steed. This is the horse Keturah rides (most days) at the farm. She seemed happy to see us on the weekend (after we returned from holidays)...Well, as happy as a horse can look. She actually looked at the camera in the first picture, so that was a good start. Usually, she just scowls at me (I think it's the flash)!

Anyway, just a couple of pics tonight as I just got home and I'm going to try to unwind before bedtime (after two coffees!!)

August 13, 2008

My Soccer Star!

Here's a couple of pics of Brookie and the soccer net with the sun setting in the background (an artsy-type photo). These were taken last week at Brookie's soccer game, where they had a tie game for their first playoff game. They have been doing well since they got the new coach a few weeks ago. The team won the two games they played when we were on holidays too. They won on Monday night and again tonight and have moved from last place to 3rd place. Way to go team Canadian Tire!

I've FINALLY had time to play around with the blog features today at lunch and then tonight after dinner and have added a few new elements, such as

  • a slideshow of my pics
  • my list of favourite sites (more to come!)
  • a poll---this week: what type of camera do you use?
  • blog catalog, which is a cool site where you can search all blogs to find one or many with topics you are interested in
  • a favourite picture of mine (Casey the foal), which I will update weekly.
Hope you like the changes!

August 12, 2008

A Hiking We Will Go...

Sorry for not posting in a few days, I've been copying vacation pictures to my USB key so I could get them printed. Doesn't sound that time consuming, but when you have 300-500/day for 14 days and then trying to narrow it down to 200-300, it takes awhile!! I did narrow it down to 260 and got them printed at Walmart last night. They turned out pretty good!

Anyway, on Sunday we headed to Lemoine's Point in Kingston to do some hiking since we haven't been there in so long and it was such a beautiful day! During the walk, we saw, frogs, blue jays, turtle, chipmunks and fed the ducks. Here are a few pics from our walk:

1st-a very small painted turtle (he was about 5 inches long)
2nd-a chipmunk eating our sunflower seeds
3rd-a duck waiting for some seeds too

August 10, 2008

More Farm Animal Shots

Keturah went to riding lessons on Saturday, after missing the two weeks we were down East. She couldn't ride her normal steed, Abby, so she rode Shebazz, who was a very stubborn, lazy horse, so Keturah had her hands full. She did get out to the field to visit Abby though before the lesson. Here are a couple of shots of her with Shebazz and Casey the Cutie, Andy, a chicken, Scotch the kitty and a llama.

August 5, 2008

We're Home!

Our flight was delayed about 1 hour yesterday, but we eventually got home...Thanks to our bird-sitters, Aunt Cindy and Uncle Les, who babysat Wyatt, Sylvester and Shania for us!! And for the yummy home-cooked dinner last night! We appreciated it!!!

On Sunday, we drove around the Cabot Trail. We left at 8:30am in the morning from Sydney, Nova Scotia, drove over to Ingonish Beach, which is the first picture below and then continued driving...lots of mountains, going up and then down and all right close to the water---Yep, I'm scared of heights too, especially with the water so close to the edge! I kept telling Kevin to slow down!!

The second picture below is that of Nothern Gannets. They are cool birds which fly around watching the water for fish, hover for a bit and then dive down into the water...They are very funny to watch. We saw them at Pleasant Bay, where we stopped at the Whale Interpretive Centre to stretch our legs.

The third picture is that of a little bird we saw on the Skyline Trail, when we stopped to hike. We hiked for 2 hours as we were told this is the trail where you are GUARANTEED to see Moose...Guess what, we didn't see ANY moose!!! Everyone coming out of the trail said they saw a mother and baby and another guy said he saw 5 of them...I think they are full of it! I don't think these Moose even exist! Everywhere we've gone, they say the moose is hiding because they are so shy---yeah, sure they are!

Anyway, we couldn't really afford to hike for 2 hours, so after that we had to keep driving as we were still 5 hours away from Halifax and we had a plane to catch in the morning! (We got to our hotel at 10pm)

So the next four pictures are just scenic pictures from the Cabot Trail, where we stopped (probably at various lookouts, where we stretched our legs!)

We did eventually see a couple of moose or we think they were--well the back-end of them as they disappeared into the woods...So, no pictures of the moose...maybe next time!

Thanks for reading and commenting about our travels and pictures! See you all soon!