August 2, 2008

The Fortress!

Today we headed to the Fortress of Louisbourg, which was once a busy fortified seaport. From it's founding by the French in 1713 to its abandonment by the British in 1768, Louisbourg was a place of profound significance in the Franco-British struggle for empire. (Yep, that was straight from the brochure!)

It was interesting and entertaining, okay, they made me say that...It was okay as far as historical-museum stuff goes (which I'm not interested in very much). Did I mention we went to a Miner's Museum yesterday too? That was kind of depressing---a very sad and depressing work environment--just like mine! haha. The mine was creepy---we went down the mine shaft a bit and Kevin had to bend over the whole time as it was only 4ft 2in in some spots.

Here are some pictures from the Fortress (mostly animals, because that is my main interest) and then a couple from the Louisbourg Crabfest in town, where they made us stop...needless to say, Brooke and I didn't enjoy it very much since we don't eat alot of seafood and we had to eat hamburgers (not veggie ones either) and we had to sit and wait for them to eat all their crab legs...Oh well, I enjoyed the live music.

1st pic-Brooke dressed up as a soldier
2nd pic-Keturah fighting off those soldiers
3rd pic-some dalmatian-type chickens
4th pic-a goose
5th pic-a mother turkey and her babies
6th pic-a father turkey, protecting his family
7th pic-a sparrow
8th pic-sparrow babies in their nest
9th pic-Kevin and Keturah playing with their crab claws
10 pic- a crab that avoided the steam pot


Paige said...

lol brookie looks good in that outfit.
you guys look like your having the time of your life.

Susan said...

yes, she does doesn't she...we're on our way home in a few short hours...

see you soon!
Sue and Gang