June 21, 2011

A Few From the Zoo!

Staying on the Zoo Theme, here are a few more from our photo shoot at the Toronto Zoo in May. I haven't been out too much. I did get some heron shots, but haven't gone through them to see if there are any good ones!
1st Pic-Tiger
2nd Pic-Macaque
3rd Pic-Snow Leopard
4th Pic-Gibbon

June 13, 2011

The Pink Flamingo

My friend and fellow-photographer and I went to the Toronto Zoo almost 1 month ago and enjoyed a rare, sunny day shooting all the animals. We had a ball! I think Melissa really liked these guys as she left me in the dust when she discovered they were out.  They sure were entertaining, playing and splashing in the water and sometimes fighting with others too! Like a pink playground!

Anyway, here are 3 of my favourite shots! I like the last one's fluffy bum! :-)