July 30, 2009

Greetings from New Brunswick!

Hey There!

We have finally made it to NB! Sorry for not posting along the way, but we were extremely busy most days and then, while in Tadoussac, when I had time to post, we had no internet connection (except down at the Boheme Cafe, where we checked email a couple of times).

We spent our first couple of days at Mont Sainte Anne, about a 5 hour drive from home, staying at Chateau Mont Sainte Anne. We went to Les Sept Chutes (the 7 waterfalls) and Canyon Sainte Anne (check out the pics below), before driving another couple of hours to Tadoussac in Quebec too.

We did ALOT of hiking around the water at Tadoussac, watching for whales, but we didn't see any from the shore. On Tuesday morning, we went for a whale watching cruise and saw quite a few! Unfortunately, due to timing and fog for the first part of the cruise, I didn't get the best pictures of them!

On Wed we headed to New Brunswick via Ferry from Sainte Simeon. We landed in Edmundston, NB for the night at a Comfort Inn, where we relaxed and did laundry...Unforunately the girls were using my laptop all night, so no posting for me until today!

We left this morning and stopped in Grand Falls and yep, saw another big waterfall! We then drove towards Moncton, and stopped at Potato World for lunch and to visit their museum! We then drove a couple of hours and got to Moncton. We are currently at a Holiday Inn Express in a nice big suite for a couple of nights and after supper and some shopping, I finally have time to edit a few photos and post to my blog finally!

Here are some photos from our trip to Canyon Sainte Anne:
-a photo of the whole waterfall-it had a nice hiking trail with lots of lookouts along the way as well as some bridges to go across!

-Kevin and Brooke on the bridge that is 60metres above the water (Yep, I went across it too) Yikes-scary!

-Keturah on a lower bridge, but it is barely above the water!

-All three of the family, standing on the first bridge

July 24, 2009

Snowballs in July!

Here are a couple of shots of my snowball bush when it was blooming a couple of weeks ago. The flowers were really cool, but didn't last long at all.

We are heading out to Quebec tomorrow, staying at Mont Sainte Anne for a couple of days before we head to Tadoussac for whale watching.

I will hopefully post shots along the way....

July 19, 2009

Great Blue Heron....

Here are some shots of my favourite local wildlife--the Great Blue Heron. He was fishing, down at the waterfall again a couple of weeks ago, so here are some shots from that day! Enjoy!

The countdown is on for our holiday!! We are leaving next Sunday to go to Tadoussac in Quebec. We are staying overnight at Mont St Anne, as it is a 9 hour drive to Tadoussac. At Mont St Anne, we hope to visit the Canyon there and do some hiking. There is also a place called The 7 Waterfalls, which we may visit too. Then on to Tadoussac, where we plan to go whale watching on the St. Lawrence River. We did this a couple of years ago and it was a nice scenic, relaxing holiday.... After that, we may head over to New Brunswick, since we'll be fairly close to it and we didn't get to see much of NB last year, when we were down east.

I hope to post shots if time and internet connections permit! Since we are driving the mini-van, I will likely bring my own laptop so that I can backup and edit my photos each day!

July 12, 2009

Some Critters You Might Not See Everyday...

Sorry for not posting in over a week...wow, the longest I've ever gone...No excuse, really, just lazy..well, uninspired anyway! I need to get out and shoot some wildlife sometime soon! Keturah hasn't been going riding the last couple of weeks either, so it's been slow for my photography!

Here are some pictures taken at the Toronto Zoo, when I went with Keturah on her school trip on June 23...didn't get as many good pics as I would have liked because had to keep my eye on 6 kids! Oh well, they weren't too bad!

1st pic-a stingray....hard too shoot because they are underwater, but this one was waving as he swam by

2nd pic-sacred ibis...a cool looking bird

3rd pic-groundhog...you might see these around...we never see these around this area for some reason...we do see a lot of these critters, in Ottawa, of all places..yep, on street corners!!! :-)

4th pic-alpaca-there are a few of these around this area, but this guy looked so cute with his haircut!

5th pic-chameleon---I love these guys! I would love to buy one for home..maybe someday!


July 2, 2009

Happy Canada Day!!!

I know I'm a day late, but I wanted to post the firework pictures from last night! We had a busy day yesterday, going to see Ice Age 3D (which was great!), Brooke's soccer game and then we went to Deseronto to see the fireworks there. It was a good show!

Here are some shots from last night, shot entirely in Manual Mode: