December 21, 2014

Napanee Conservation Park, Pt. 2

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the Great Blue Heron who is usually always found at the waterfall at the Napanee Conservation Park during the summer months. I'll have a couple more weeks of photos of him as well! I always take well over 100 of the heron when I see him, knowing that I'll likely be happy with less than 20 of those! :-) Glad it's digital and not the old film cameras or I probably wouldn't shoot that many!

Wow, this week went by fairly fast again. I finished a course on Color Theory and yep, it was a bit boring..not as interesting as I thought it would be! I started Adobe Dreamweaver, which is a website builder, which is supposed to save me time from writing all that HTML and CSS code...The first couple of chapters have been kind of confusing, so I hope to go over those during the holidays, so it becomes a bit clearer! 

Well, I was off on Friday again and spent the day with my friends...Lynn and Melissa...we met for coffee and after Lynn left, Melissa and I spent the rest of the day together! She's a web designer as well, so was giving me lots of advice, which was super awesome! 

Saturday was my birthday and we went out for a nice Italian dinner and my bestest friend since Grade 9 and her hubby came and surprised me by joining us for dinner! Was such a nice dinner/visit. We are going to go visit them in Ottawa after Christmas! I'm so blessed to have such great family and friends!!

Well, I'm almost ready for Xmas, just a couple more things to pick up and then a couple of things to wrap and I'm good to go! I hope to get my haircut too before Christmas, so I might do that tomorrow!

I likely will not post before Christmas, so I'd like to wish all my blog visitors a very Merry Christmas! 

December 13, 2014

Napanee Conservation Park

Welcome Back!

This time I have photos from the Napanee Conservation Park, or the "waterfall park" as we affectionately call it!

We walk there quite often as it's a nice size for our little Zeek to walk!

This time I'm highlighting photos of: a waterlily, a very small turtle, some florals/weeds :-) and a couple of shots of the Great Blue Heron...he's the main reason I take my camera with me! I love the walk, but love it even better if I see him (and I have my camera!)

Well, this week went by quite fast again. I felt better on Monday, thank goodness! I finished my HTML course this week and the final assignment was to create a webpage using only HTML and CSS, so if you want to check it out, you'll find it at:

You'll probably notice that its the same colour scheme as my blog...well, that's because I love a black-background and red and white and grey accents look awesome on it! I can't believe it turned out that well, considering it's all done by hand--no templates! :-)

Not much else is on Friday and did some shopping and errands--the usual...also stopped to visit with Lynn and Dave!

We are having a Christmas potluck lunch at school on Tuesday, Brooke comes home on Wednesday and Thursday will be my last day of school and I'll be off for 2 weeks! Yay! Looking forward to the break, although I will miss school!

Have a great weekend! I'm off to the movies to see Penguins of Madagascar!

December 6, 2014

More Florals

Welcome Back!

This week I'm adding a few more floral and scenic shots from the Erinsville Lion's Park, near Napanee. These were taken back in July on a hot and sunny day. Zeek liked the park, probably because it was small and not a lot of walking!

This week went by fast...I've been busy with HTML/CSS and its quite challenging...putting it all together and typing all that code and hoping that it works! :-)

I've been fighting a cold the last few days and have felt so tired with a sore throat and headache, but no cold yet..hopefully I'll win and it will go somewhere else! 

I managed to get out yesterday and do some more Christmas shopping...almost done! Keturah and I went to a Christmas craft show in Tyendinaga, which was pretty caught up with old friends too!

Hopefully some homework and do some more packing/cleaning of the basement tonight and tomorrow---if I can stay awake! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!

November 29, 2014

Floral and Fauna

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting photos of the floral and fauna found at the Erinsville Lion's Park. This park is about 15 minutes north of Napanee and was on a beautiful day when Kevin, Zeek and I went out for a drive. I took lots of photos of the flower garden and saw a couple of little green buddies hanging in the water!

I don't know the names of the flowers, but the last three photos are of a water lily and two different small bullfrogs, enjoying the sun!

Well, this week was fun..I finished a couple of courses: Intro to Web Design and Web101...they were short but interesting....I was required to join some social media sites that I haven't used or have not used very much, like Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and WordPress as well as starting a small website. It will come in handy next year, depending on what kind of business I get into!

Next week I'm starting HTML and CSS..that should be fun! :-) I took a course back in the spring, so it should be a good refresher!

Not much other news this week...had a good day with Keturah on Friday as it was a PA day and we went to the craziness of Black Friday shopping...I got some Xmas gifts, so it was a good we worked around the house...I am still packing up my craft never ends! :-)

Have a great week!

November 23, 2014

Saunders Country Zoo, THE END

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the last of the photos from Saunders Country Zoo and Garden Centre near Ottawa. We had such a great visit that day, despite the humidity!

This time I have some more photos of the wallaby, he was up and walking around as we were leaving. I also included some photos of flowers I took in the zoo area as well as a fuzzy tree, which looked pretty cool!

Not sure what I'll share next time...I gotta go through the files!

Well, this week also went very fast....School is going great...I'm enjoying Illustrator and after one more assignment, I'll be done that course and onto the web stuff, I think!

On my day off on Friday, Keturah took my car to school so I didn't have a car...Zeek and I enjoyed the quiet day around the house, doing laundry and playing in the craft room!

On Saturday, Kevin and I went to Waterloo to see Brooke. We took her out shopping, Kevin bought her a new router and hooked it up. We also went to Costco for snacks to help her get through her upcoming exams...3 short weeks and she'll be home for Christmas! I'm tired today as we didn't get home til 11:30 or so...

Have a great week!

November 14, 2014

Saunders Country Zoo, Pt.9

Welcome Back!

This week I'm including more shots from the Saunders Country Zoo. These include the baby leopard checking out a sheep, some serval cats (they are for sale here too), donkeys, the horse and yak and a tortoise---I told you they had a variety of critters here!

Next time I'll have a few more photos from the Saunders Country Zoo and then that will be it! I'll have to start highlighting something else!

Well, this week went by quite fast...Lots of learning going on at school..I come home and my brain is full! :-) I started Adobe Illustrator this week, which is as challenging as Photoshop.

Glad I had today do laundry, dishes and cleaning...Keturah went for her Driver's license today and got it on the first try---there goes my car! 

Not much planned for the weekend..probably do some homework and more cleaning and packing up my craft stuff! Kevin is back at QMS full time on Monday, so we will only have nights and weekends to work on the house.

Enjoy your weekend!

November 8, 2014

Saunders Country Zoo, Pt. 8

Welcome Back!

This time I have more shots of the animals I showed off last time...the babies---wallaby and leopard. They are just so cute! Not sure what it is with baby animals...but they are so sweet!

This week I'm testing out the Photoshop program while editing these photos, so hopefully they look alright. I've been using Photoshop Elements for so many years and now that I'm learning Photoshop at school I thought I'd try editing my photos using this full version! They look okay on screen, but once you resize them and save them and then post them into blogger, who knows what they'll look like! :-)

School is going well and I've been working on a lot of projects using Photoshop. On Monday I get to work on a cover for a visitor's guide and thought I'd do one for Grand Manan--my favourite place and future home! Speaking of home, we've been doing a major clear out of our basement and crawl, I only helped yesterday and I'm wiped..thank goodness Kevin's been doing most of it! It will be worth it if we decide to sell!

We also headed to Ottawa on Thursday...We took Keturah to the Open House at Algonquin College..we went up early (after school) and had dinner with friends..hung out at Algonquin, went for a tour of the Vet Tech building, stopped back at our friends for another visit and got home at 12:30! Glad I didn't have school on Friday...I also let Keturah sleep in a bit!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

November 1, 2014

Saunders Country Zoo, Pt. 7

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting more animals from the Saunders Country Critters Zoo and Garden Center in Ottawa, Ontario.

These include another shot of the baby wallaby, tucked into a little pouch. He seemed to really like it! The other shots are of a cute, little baby leopard. He was just having his snack, so he had to finish that before he socialized with his visitors! He was so sweet and so soft too! I didn't stop smiling the whole time! 

Well, school is still going well. I am now working in Photoshop---ahh..the fun stuff, finally! This week was pretty tiring as my car died on me on Sunday ...Only a sensor, but an expensive one! But, at least it wasn't the transmission, which we thought it was...After picking it up and it dying on us again, I finally picked it up Friday night! Of course, this was Kevin's week working at QMS, so I had to drive him to work and then drive to Kingston to school! Lots of driving!

On a good note, I got to spend Friday with my good friend, Gia, shopping in Kingston, coffee and lunch too! I also got to visit with Lynn and Dave and see their Christmas Shop, which opened today!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and more animal shots next week!