September 23, 2012

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Welcome Back! Whew, I wasn't sure I would get a blog post in this week! I had a pretty busy weekend! We babysat the neices overnight on Friday night and Saturday was Keturah's 15th Birthday too! We took her to The Works Burger Bistro for yummy veggie burgers and then we went go karting! Sunday we had to clean house, do some shopping and then I had to get ready to go to Orillia to teach a workshop (tomorrow)! The weekend went by way too fast! Don't they all? 
Anyway, this week, I'm including some photos of a big waterfall in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. This was our first stop on our second day of travelling in August. There is also a nice walking trail around the falls, but we were in a hurry to get to St. Andrews, so we didn't do the walk. There is also a zipline attraction there now..not my cup of tea, but some people were doing it. Brooke wanted to try it, but nobody would go with her, so she stayed on the ground! :-)
If you look closely, you can see a rainbow in the photos. It was pretty cool-- I can still feel the spray on my face!

September 16, 2012

The Last of Wacatee Zoo

Welcome back!
This week I promise is the last of the Wacatee Zoo photos! I think it's time to move on..I have tons of holiday photos that I will be sharing!
1-3 photos-Capybaras- a cute little family of them hanging out
4-5 photos-a couple of Donkeys
6-8 photos-a cute colourful Llama (I can't remember his name!)
9th photo-a Woodpecker hiding in the tree
Have a great week!

September 9, 2012

More Views from the Zoo

I'm still sharing some photos from Wacatee Zoo, MB---I took so many! Here are a variety of animal shots, taken throughout the zoo.
1st-a chicken wandering around-you could feed them and we did
2nd- a grey squirrel-we fed him too
3rd & 4th-small pig like creatures called Pecaries. They were so cute when they were running around!
5th-a little island in the area where the egrets were...can you see 2 turtles and an alligator?
6th-another little island in the area where the egrets were--includes a sleepy juvenile alligator
7th-a curious ostrich looking for a snack
8th-a zebra taking it easy-the rest of them were running around

Enjoy! More next week!


September 2, 2012

Egrets Pt. 2

This week I've included the last of my favourite Egret pictures from the Wacatee Zoo. They are so entertaining to watch, I could sit there for hours, but unfortunately, my family isn't as patient as I am! I'm normally not a patient person either, until I get my camera in hand!


Have a great week!