July 20, 2011

Hartland, New Brunswick

Well, we made it to PEI safe and sound..have had lots of fun and adventurous days! We stopped along the way again in Hartland, New Brunswick to stretch our legs and also to check out the world's longest covered bridge again. The last time we were here it was overcast and cloudy, so I wanted to try and get some better photos. So here's what I managed to shoot. 2nd shot is of the Saint John River, that the bridge spans over.

I have taken so many pictures already and look forward to adding lots to the blog..maybe not during this holiday though! We have been quite busy, spending most days/nights out and getting back to the hotel in time to backup my photos and then hit the bed!

We spent 3 nights in Charlottetown and are now in Montague, a scenic little town. We just got here today and have checked out the laundry room and grocery store, a lighthouse and a beach! We are staying in a cottage here, so thought we'd have a few "home-cooked" meals. We are staying here a couple of nights and then will likely head off to Cavendish to visit Anne of Green Gables!

Anyway, if you are on facebook, I have been posting more pictures--mostly because it is faster than doing these updates! But I will update you here again before my holidays are over!



July 11, 2011

Napanee Wildlife

Well, I haven't been out shooting much...Not sure if I mentioned that I broke one of my lenses, but I did and it's now getting repaired (thank goodness it was fixable!), so that is one of my excuses! The others are: too tired, too hot out, nothing to shoot, allergies...the list goes on and on...:-)

Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of pictures that are near and dear to my heart..One was taken about 6 weeks ago...the snapping turtle below...I took this just down the road. She was heading back into the swampy area after laying her eggs. Kevin actually saw her on his way to Napanee and called me, so I grabbed the Nikon and headed out and this is the best photo I got of her!

The heron photo below--I just took a couple of weekends ago, again down by the Conservation Park. I loved this shot of the fish just jumping into his mouth. I may enter this one into a contest...what do you think? I like the lighting for this one better!

Anyway, I'm soon to remedy my excuse for not having anything to shoot as we are heading to Prince Edward Island this coming weekend for two weeks! Yep, I should get a shot or two there I would think! Anyway, I will try to post if I can! Taking my handy dandy netbook and my external hard drive to save all my photos, so will just need some reliable internet and some TIME!

Take care!

July 2, 2011

The Heron 2011

Sorry for the delay in posting! Lots going on! Keturah graduated from Grade 8, so there was a big celebration for her and her 14 fellow grade 8s. Congrats to the graduating class of 2011!!!

The girls and I went to Ottawa to visit our friends last weekend. We had the pleasure of watching our friend Liam play some baseball. He's their star pitcher! His team, the Athletics, won the East Nepean Championships while we were there! Way to Go Liam and team!! 

While in Ottawa, I managed to break one of my lenses! Long story! Anyway, I think it is fixable and will hopefully get it fixed this week! So, I didn't even take any pictures of any fireworks for Canada Day this year! :-(

Anyway, today's pictures are of my favourite critter to shoot this time of year! Yep, the heron is back! I've seen him flying around for a month or so, but he hasn't been to the waterfall park when I'm there til a couple of weeks ago! We managed to be there at the same time! Sorry for the lighting in these..the sun was way too bright for my taste!