July 29, 2014

Geese, Pt. 2

Welcome Back!

Sorry I didn't get to post last Friday. Brooke was off work, so we all headed to Kingston to do some shopping at the mall and Costco!

Today I'm including more photos of the geese and goslings found near Springside Park. As mentioned before, they are really hard to get a shot of just one! They stick pretty close together--which is good protection for these little guys!

Well, the weekend went by fairly fast as they usually do. Kevin and I went to our friend, LaurieAnn's house for a potluck/BBQ to help her celebrate her 1 year anniversary since her last Chemo treatment. It was a very lovely day with a pink balloon release and tree planting and lots of food.

Sunday we didn't do anything that I recall...Just lazed about, which is good now and again. I think Brooke and I watched a movie.

We were hoping to go to Toronto Zoo this week but it looks like it might rain/thunderstorm tomorrow, which is the only day Brooke has off this week...maybe we'll try for next week!

Have a great week!

July 22, 2014


Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the geese and their babies that are found near Springside Park. They are actually on the road across from the Boardwalk..I think its Water Street. They probably picked this place to nest as it is a dead end road, easy access to the water, lots of grasses and weeds to hide in and a lot less busy than the Boardwalk!

I found it very hard to get shots of the babies by themselves as they stick fairly close to their parents...surprising because they are not "little babies" anymore!

Well, the weekend was fairly quiet. We went into town and got some groceries and Keturah cooked us up some vegetarian chili..Kevin added hamburg to his! We managed to get 3 meals out that and I've had my share now til winter...that's probably why we only eat it a couple of times/year. We also managed to go for a walk at the Springside Park and saw the heron by the waterfall..Every time for the past month that we've been there, he has been fishing there as well...I have taken a few photos (200 or so) of him, but will definitely take my camera next time we go there for a walk.

This week is way too hot to venture outside, so we have been sticking close to home the last day or so...I hate this darn humidity! Hopefully it will be gone soon!

More geese shots on Friday!

July 18, 2014

Springside Park, Pt. 3

Welcome Back! 

This time I'm highlighting the last of the Springside Park photos...Next time I'll be highlighting the geese and their babies, which were found close to Springside Park (across the river)... I think they hide over there because it is definitely quieter!

The highlight of the park is the waterfall and I'm only including one photo of it, although I do have hundreds of them! :-) Also, one of the old mill buildings at the top of the falls is pretty cool, especially with the sun behind it, but it was cloudy and a bit rainy this day.

Well, this week was pretty quiet. Loved the weather...warm, but not overly humid. The girls and I went to Rednersville and picked raspberries. They are quite yummy. I was surprised how long it took us to pick compared to the strawberries! I guess they are a bit smaller and we had to hunt and peck through the foliage to find the ripe ones too! We then went to the Mall for a bit! 

Today we headed for a drive and ice cream and went to Beaver Lake for a walk and then to a park in Tweed and then across Hwy 7 and down the Hwy 41. Picked up some Pizza Pizza for supper. Yumm. Brooke is gone to a cottage up north with a bunch of friends for the weekend, so not sure what the rest of us will do, but it will likely include some sort of walk/park! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!

July 15, 2014

Springside Park, Pt. 2

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting more shots from the Springside Park and Boardwalk, where we walk all the time! These include a shot of the Napanee River, going towards the Falls as well as a bunch more wildflowers! Who knew there was so much to shoot. I took over 100 photos before we even got to the geese! Similar photos on Friday, then I'll highlight the geese and their babies next week!

Well, the weekend was a mixed bag of quiet and excitement! Saturday, we headed to Kingston so Kevin could get his haircut, we had some lunch and then stopped at the Fairfield Historical Park on the way home to have a  little walk. 

On Sunday, as it was raining, we decided to go to Campbellford and hit up the craft store, cheese factory and chocolate factory. When we pulled off the 401, Kevin noticed that he had hardly any brakes...Yikes! So, he drove us carefully to Canadian Tire and tried to find some place to take it, but nothing was open on Sunday! We then called a rental car place, who had no vehicles, then Kevin's mom, who wasn't home. We then called my sister Cindy and her and her husband Les came to our rescue! Yay! So, a big thank you to them! 

While we waited for them to come from Tyendinaga to get us, we went across the road to a park and sat in the shade as it had gotten very sunny and warm by this time in the day. So, needless to say, I didn't make it to the craft store because they close at 4, but we did hit up the chocolate and cheese factories with Cindy and Les! Because we had Zeek with us, we got some take-out for dinner and sat in the park in Napanee and ate and visited! We are still waiting to hear from Canadian Tire in Campbellford so we can go pick up the van...he said it should be done today! Let's hope so!

Have a great week!

July 11, 2014

Scenes from Springside Park

Welcome back!

This time I'm highlighting photos from one of my many walks at Springside Park and Boardwalk in Napanee. We walk here at least once a week, but more like three or four. We go here because it is a short drive from our house and we get to see so many interesting things along the way!

This visit in early June, we saw ducks, LOTS of wildflowers (ok, maybe they're weeds!), a snapping turtle and geese and their babies. So, I'll have a few weeks of shots to highlight.

Well, everyone is starting to drive me nuts around here...If I hear "I'm bored" one more time, I may run away from home (by myself!) :-) I should have found everyone a summer job!

We went to visit Grammy in Marmora yesterday, I spent some time in the craftroom and tonight I have a card class...Yep, starting our Christmas cards already. It's never too early...Michael's even have some of their Christmas stuff out already too!

Nothing planned for the weekend, but you never know what we'll end up doing!

Enjoy the weekend!

July 8, 2014

A few from the Fairfield Historical Park!

Welcome Back!

I found out the name of the park that I've been highlighting the ducks/geese from these last few weeks. It's called Fairfield Historical Park. We stopped there this morning, so I took note of the name...It's so funny, that I never noticed it before..It has a big plaque and everything! There's a house you can tour as well, but it's never open when we are there and they probably wouldn't allow dogs in either. We mostly go/stop there for Zeek! It's just the right size of park for him as he is tad bit lazy! Every time we take him to Lemoine's Point he always ends up with a tick and we can't have that. Kevin ended up with one and you'd think he was dying of Lyme Disease or something the way he was carrying on! :-) So, we tend to avoid Lemoine's during the summer.

This week I'm highlighting mostly floral shots. I LOVE lilacs, the colour and especially the scent, so I took quite a few shots. There's also one of a duck, another of two geese cruising along the lake and some flowers that someone planted..sorry I don't know what kind they are...

Well, the weekend was good...We ended up going to Peterborough to see Emily and as it was Kevin's birthday, we went out for sushi. We walked along the locks after supper too as everyone was stuffed from pigging out on all-you-can eat sushi (except me)!

Sunday, we enjoyed a quiet day at home, got some groceries and went for a walk after dinner. I took the Nikon and was rewarded by seeing the heron at the waterfall...I took quite a few photos. The longer we stayed, the better the light became!

Not much planned for this week, although I did go to the movies with my niece last night. We saw Tammy and it was funny and had a good story line too. I'm going to a card class on Friday night with my sister and that's my excitement for this week...

More later this week....

July 4, 2014

Baby Ducks

Welcome Back!

More photos today of the ducklings we saw at the park near Amherstview..can't think of the name of it, but we tend to stop there often!

Well, this week has been quiet and a bit boring too.... too hot to venture outside...I'll admit I miss the snow and cold..yep, I'm weird like that, but winter is my favourite time of year! 

I managed to hang out in the craft room a bit this week to make a few cards, walked the doggy when it wasn't too hot and did a big clean up of our kitchen area and my dresser too! Yikes, so much crap we don't need! We got Kevin's van fixed up yesterday, so we are back to having 2 working vehicles. Yay! Mine goes in for a regular scheduled maintenance today though, so hopefully nothing wrong with it.

Nothing planned for the weekend...Brooke is working of course!

Enjoy your weekend!