July 8, 2014

A few from the Fairfield Historical Park!

Welcome Back!

I found out the name of the park that I've been highlighting the ducks/geese from these last few weeks. It's called Fairfield Historical Park. We stopped there this morning, so I took note of the name...It's so funny, that I never noticed it before..It has a big plaque and everything! There's a house you can tour as well, but it's never open when we are there and they probably wouldn't allow dogs in either. We mostly go/stop there for Zeek! It's just the right size of park for him as he is tad bit lazy! Every time we take him to Lemoine's Point he always ends up with a tick and we can't have that. Kevin ended up with one and you'd think he was dying of Lyme Disease or something the way he was carrying on! :-) So, we tend to avoid Lemoine's during the summer.

This week I'm highlighting mostly floral shots. I LOVE lilacs, the colour and especially the scent, so I took quite a few shots. There's also one of a duck, another of two geese cruising along the lake and some flowers that someone planted..sorry I don't know what kind they are...

Well, the weekend was good...We ended up going to Peterborough to see Emily and as it was Kevin's birthday, we went out for sushi. We walked along the locks after supper too as everyone was stuffed from pigging out on all-you-can eat sushi (except me)!

Sunday, we enjoyed a quiet day at home, got some groceries and went for a walk after dinner. I took the Nikon and was rewarded by seeing the heron at the waterfall...I took quite a few photos. The longer we stayed, the better the light became!

Not much planned for this week, although I did go to the movies with my niece last night. We saw Tammy and it was funny and had a good story line too. I'm going to a card class on Friday night with my sister and that's my excitement for this week...

More later this week....

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