August 28, 2011


As promised last week, I'm including some eagle pics that I took while on the boat cruise in New Brunswick. The captain stopped for quite awhile so everyone could get some good shots of these guys. The first pic below is that of a male and female. They were resting in the trees until they saw a school of mackerel and then they swooped down and caught a couple of them! Pretty cool watching them "fish" and then carrying off their lunch in their talons. Enjoy!

August 21, 2011

"Seal" of Approval!

On our way home from PEI, we stopped in St Andrews by the Sea to take a whale watching cruise in the Bay of Fundy..Yep, even after the last "scary" one, we wanted to attempt it! Well, maybe not all of us, but most of us! We went with the boatline called Quoddy Link Marine with a catamaran style boat and it was awesome..not at all scary!

We saw fin and minke whales, harbour porpoises, a basking shark, various birds as well as some seals, which I'm showing off today. Here are my favourite pics of them!

The first one is a grey seal, who seemed to be waving at us from his perch on the rock and the following pictures are all of harbour seals, who were very interested in watching us as well! Too cute!

Next post, I'll include my eagle pictures from this cruise!

Enjoy your week!

August 9, 2011

The Friendly Red Fox...

Here are some pics of a friendly little guy. He was hanging around the cars and people at the East Point Lighthouse we visited. He was with another fox who wasn't as friendly or brave! This one seemed to be looking for food. He let some people pet him, but I didn't get too close...didn't need to with my zoom lens! There were a few around the island that we saw in parks and in people's yards too. He sure was cute!! Here are my favourite shots of him!

August 1, 2011

Ninja Crabs?

Well, they aren't officially called Ninja crabs, its just what we called them. They are actually green crabs and are very aggressive. They would actually attack you if you got too close, so of course, we picked them up, poked them, etc. etc... Here are some shots of my family picking them up and one little guy waving his claws at us!
Anyway, we had another great holiday and can't believe it's over with already! I did get lots and lots of I just have to go through them all. I've been tired and feeling crappy since I got home, thanks to my allergies (which didn't bother me in PEI--another good reason to move down east! LOL), so I haven't done too much since we got home Friday night!