July 30, 2010

Grand Manan

Today, I've included some shots from our trip to Grand Manan, New Brunswick last year. We only got to spend 3 days on the island, but enjoyed it thoroughly! So, much so, that we are returning this year! Yep, we decided to rent a cottage this year for 1 week (no haunted hotels for us this year)! We can't wait-- the countdown is on---two weeks to go! I'm back to work on Tuesday (after my leave) and then will be off for vacation starting the 12th for two weeks, so we can take our time driving there and back! YEAH! We are looking forward to it! So, while I was thinking of our trip, I decided to post some pictures from last year's adventures there!

1st pic-Harbour where you get off the big ferry
2nd pic-Swallowtail Lighthouse (the most photographed in the word apparently)
3rd pic-a little bird (not sure of the name) found at the Castalia Marsh
4th pic-The Hole In the Wall--a hiking trail that leads you to this site

July 21, 2010

I'm still alive...

Yep, I am still alive, but have taken a break from the blog to do some other creative activities, such as making some cards! I was pretty focused on that for a week or so, now I have to catch up on my homework for the Photoshop course!! It will be finished Friday and then I'll just have to write the exam and then I'll be all done! Yeah! Time to go on holidays! We are heading back to Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick (well, south of NB anyway). I'm hoping to get some good scenic shots and some sunsets (maybe sunrises if I get up early enough!) We, (well, Brooke and I) may attempt another whale watching cruise...I'm just deciding if I'm brave enough to go back into the BAY OF FUNDY!! We have rented a cottage there for a week this time, so it should be fun and relaxing!

Now, on to all the pictures! Here are some of the interior of Boldt Castle, where we went a few weeks ago (time sure flies!).

1st Pic-Keturah and Dad coming off a small bridge
2nd Pic-the Playhouse (cottage they lived in while the main castle was being built)
3rd Pic- the wrap-around porch
4th Pic-the ceiling inside the castle, looking up in the foyer
5th Pic-one of the bedrooms
6th Pic-a fireplace in one of the bedrooms

July 8, 2010

Boldt Castle in the 1000 Islands

Last Sunday we took a cruise through the 1000 Islands. We opted for the 5 hour cruise, which stopped on Heart Island, where we could tour through Bold Castle for 2 hours. It has awesome architecture, so I got a few hundred pictures!  They are always renovating when we go (this is our 3rd time, I think), and trying to make it look like it used to!

Anyway, today I'm showing you the outside of the castle. I will hopefully share some inside shots soon.
1st, 2nd & 3rd pics-shots from various views around the outside of the castle
4th pic-power house
5th pic-boat house (shot against the sun!!!)