June 12, 2017

More Great Blue Heron

Napanee, Ontario

Welcome back!

Sorry for the delay in posting, life got a bit busy for awhile.

After our trip down east, we put our house up for sale and it sold within a week! Yikes, so now what? We ended up making another trip down east in May to look at the houses available and found one and made an offer, so we've been busy getting ready to move, which we will do mid-July. I recently quit my job to focus on getting stuff packed and whatnot...

Anyway, things might be a bit calmer now that I am not working full time!

This week I have some more of the heron shots...these are some of my favourite...with the fish jumping into his open beak! That's a great way to catch them! :-) 

Have a great week! More next week hopefully!

April 30, 2017

The Great Blue Heron at the Napanee Conservation Area

Great Blue Heron - Napanee, Ontario

Welcome Back! 

Well, we had an excellent holiday down east--perfect weather with no rain at all during the day compared to here, where I understand there was a couple of days of it! :-)

Last Sunday we picked up Brooke from University...she is done her BA and is off to Queen's in the fall for her Masters! 

This time I'm starting to highlight the heron, who is most often found at the bottom of the waterfall at the Napanee Conservation Area. I love shooting him--he's one of my favourite birds!

I have quite a few pics to highlight, so please bear with me!

On another note, I just realized I passed my Anniversary for this blog! I've been at this since April 28, 2008 -9 years---wow, I didn't ever think it would be this long-running when I started it, but I enjoy updating it and I hope you enjoy visiting it!

Anyway, have a great week!

April 2, 2017

Views from the Napanee Conservation Area

Napanee, Ontario

Welcome Back!

This week I am highlighting pics of other things besides the waterfowl found at the Napanee Conservation Park! 

This was a beautiful spring day and we found wildflowers, lily pads, water lilies and a variety of turtles: painted and Blandings (I think). That's the one thing I love about this park, is the variety of wildlife. We almost always see turtles, sometimes they are close enough to get pics and other times, not so much. We also see a lot of fish in the fall, when they are spawning. We love to sit and watch them! And, my favourite bird, the heron is there quite a bit too...I'll have some pics of him next time I post!

Well, I likely won't be posting for the next couple of weeks as my much-needed holiday starts next weekend! Yay! I can't wait!

Have a great couple of weeks!

March 26, 2017

More Canadian Geese & Goslings

Napanee, Ontario

Welcome Back!

Sorry I've been MIA...I had a client meeting two Sundays ago and last Sunday I had a cold and dozed off and on all day....I know, excuses, excuses! :-)

I'm back this week with more of the Canada geese family. The babies are just so darn cute. I was surprised actually at how big these ones were...the mothers must keep them hidden for awhile. I've not seen very small geese babies up close before!

The countdown is on til my holidays. We are off for a week in April...right before Easter. Kev and I are heading East...Can't wait! We have not been there in the spring before, so it should be interesting...also, looking forward to viewing some property while we are there!

But, I should be back next Sunday with more geese pics, then after that, some heron shots! 

Have a great week!

March 4, 2017

Canada Geese Family

Napanee, Ontario

Welcome Back!

Sorry, I didn't get to post last week, I was feeling sick with cold/allergies on Saturday, which meant stuck on the couch, which meant doing all my errands/chores on Sunday, so this fun stuff got bumped! 

I'm posting on Saturday this week as I have a client meeting tomorrow, so I may not get to the computer!

This week, I have more photos of the Canada Geese family that was swimming around the Napanee River, almost 2 years ago now...hard to believe it's been that long. I'll have quite a few more pics to show off, at least 3 more weeks, then some heron shots (Yay, my fave bird!)

I remember when we were at Waterloo University with Brooke, they had t-shirts in the gift shop that said "I survived mating season" with a picture of a Canada goose! Apparently they are even MORE mean and protective during that time of year and they like the Waterloo campus too, so students are warned to beware and avoid them....Cute! 

I know they can be quite mean and like to hiss at you as you are walking by, so I like to see them when they are out in the water, just floating around and enjoying life! :-) I probably wouldn't even take many pics of them, but those babies are so darn cute, who can resist?

Have a great week! 

February 20, 2017

Happy Family Day!

Napanee, Ontario

Welcome Back and Happy Family Day!

It just so happened that I was starting the waterfowl this week anyway, but better way to celebrate Family Day, than with a family of geese! These two parents were swimming around with all their babies...I counted 18! Wow, I found it hard keeping track of two when my kiddies were babies! :-)

Anyway, these were taken in June 2015 at the Napanee Conservation Area Park (or the waterfall park as we affectionately call it!) I have a "few" more to highlight over the next few weeks and then some of the beloved heron...

We spent most of Saturday with the girlies as Brooke is home for Reading Week...we had a nice lunch at Wild Wings and then went for a walk in the park...After, we watched a movie and played cards too! Not too bad a day considering I had to work Saturday morning! :-(

More next time....Have a great week!

February 12, 2017

Algonquin Park Moose, Pt. 6

Algonquin Park, Ontario

Welcome Back!

This week I have the last of the moose pics! Yay, I bet you all will be glad! Next week, I have some waterfowl pics for you! :-) It's either one or the other on this site! :-)

I made a mistake on the date, last week, these were actually taken almost 2 years ago...Yep, May long weekend, but in 2015...wow, where does the time go?

These all include shots of the moose as he's heading out...I guess, he got full of water or he got bored watching us all!

Snowy day here in Ontario, so I've just been cleaning house and making a wonderful veggie soup, which smells yummy, so I must go finish it off!

Have a great week!