October 31, 2018

More Waterfowl

Amherstview, Ontario

 Welcome Back!

This time I am highlighting more of the waterfowl found at the Fairfield Historical Park in Amherstview, Ontario. This is a great place to find geese, ducks, cormorants and loons in the spring and summer!

This day we saw quite a few of the geese, ducks and their babies. We also managed to see a couple of Common Loons, which are in the last 4 pictures...Sadly, I think these are the 'best' pics I have ever gotten of the loon. I definitely need a bigger lens if I'm going to capture these little guys! Maybe Santa will be generous this year? :-)

Anyway, I hope you have a great week! More soon!

October 21, 2018

More Canadian Geese

Amherstview, ON

Welcome Back!

This week I have more Canadian Geese and a lot of single shots of the goslings...It is always very hard to get just one baby in a shot by itself as you can see from the 6th picture, where there seem like a million of little ones! Just wanted to include that one for perspective! The last pic is a cute family pic of the Canadian Geese.

These were taken at Fairfield Historical Park, where several families of geese and ducks make their home or at least visit on a daily basis! 

Have a great week!

October 1, 2018

Canadian Geese & Families

Amherstview, ON

Welcome Back!

Sorry for the delay again in posting! I have no excuse, just that I was busy with my crafts and it was good to take a much needed summer break! I have missed my photos and posting to the blog however, so hopefully, I am back for awhile!

I managed to get out on a couple of tours this summer..one was the puffin tour...I have been wanting to go for so long and finally got to go and then it was too windy to land on the island, so we were just able to tour around it in a small skiff! I did manage to get some great pics though, so all is good--I will definitely try again next year!

When Brooke and Carter were down in August, we went on a whale watch cruise and did get to see some whales...we saw a pod of fin whales and some minke whales. We also saw some seals and a lot of sea birds too. I'll try to post these within the next year! haha

Today, I am posting some pics from 2015, taken at the Fairfield Historical Park in Amherstview. This was a popular walking trail for us as it was short and sweet and we always saw ducks, geese, etc.

In the spring there are tons of geese and their babies and here are some pics of them! More next time too!

Have a great week!

June 28, 2018


Bath, ON

Welcome Back!

Sorry, I have been missing in action lately, just been enjoying the outdoors, working and preparing for the weekly outdoor markets (with my card making and sea glass jewelry!)

I am now done my job as job coach for the summer, so I'm not sure if I will look for something, or just enjoy some down time! Plus, we have family coming to visit in July and August and September!

This week I'm highlighting a cute osprey sitting on it's nest. This was in June, so I'm thinking, it's baby was probably up there, but didn't make an appearance for the camera! This pic was taken along Hwy #33 near Bath, Ontario, outside of the Generating Station! They are nice enough that they provide a big tall post with a platform for the birds to build their nest. This nest has been there for years and we see the odd bird using it, but I never had my good camera with the long lens on it...This time I did and managed to get a few shots. It didn't seem too concerned with us being there, course we were far away! :-)

Not sure, when I'll be back on, but hopefully sooner rather than later!

Have a great week!

May 25, 2018

Lemoine's Point Conservation Area Black Squirrel

Kingston, ON

 Welcome Back!

Sorry for the delay in posting...we've been busy! Well, not really, but with the nice weather here, I'd much rather be outside than sitting inside on my laptop! :-)

Well, I passed a milestone on April 28th for this blog. I have been doing this blog since 2008...that's 9 years now..wow! Time does fly when you are having fun! 

This week, I wanted to finish highlighting the photos from this June day in 2015, when we went for a hike at Lemoine's Point in Kingston, Ontario.

The last critter to highlight was this black squirrel, who was scarily friendly...he looks menacing in some of the pics and I remember thinking that maybe it had rabies as it was not afraid of us in the least....:-) He looked like he wanted to beat us up and steal our sunflowers seeds! haha

Anyway, enough for today! Enjoy your week!

April 20, 2018

Lemoine's Point Conservation Area Downy Woodpecker

Kingston, Ontario

Welcome Back!
These photos of a Downy Woodpecker were taken at the Lemoine's Point Conservation Area in Kingston.

This one was playing hide and seek and kept peeking at us around the trees. It is a female woodpecker, as the male one has a red tuft of fur on his head. I believe I do have pics on this blog of a male woodpecker, probably taken at the same spot.

Well, I may be MIA for a week or so as I'm flying to Ottawa and driving back here with Keturah, as she moves the rest of her belongings here.

Have a great week!

April 15, 2018

Lemoine's Point Conservation Area Critters

Kingston, ON

Welcome Back!

This week I have a selection of small animals from the Lemoine's Point Conservation Area! All but one, are pics of the chipmunks. They are very friendly, sometimes too friendly...I find that having Zeek with us, they aren't as willing to come close. The black squirrel was the same...They get fed by alot of people, so aren't as "wild" as they should be!

They are fast little buggers too, so you have to be quick with the click (of the camera shutter)! :-)

Next time I will have some woodpecker photos from the same place/day as these were taken!

Have a great week!