June 28, 2018


Bath, ON

Welcome Back!

Sorry, I have been missing in action lately, just been enjoying the outdoors, working and preparing for the weekly outdoor markets (with my card making and sea glass jewelry!)

I am now done my job as job coach for the summer, so I'm not sure if I will look for something, or just enjoy some down time! Plus, we have family coming to visit in July and August and September!

This week I'm highlighting a cute osprey sitting on it's nest. This was in June, so I'm thinking, it's baby was probably up there, but didn't make an appearance for the camera! This pic was taken along Hwy #33 near Bath, Ontario, outside of the Generating Station! They are nice enough that they provide a big tall post with a platform for the birds to build their nest. This nest has been there for years and we see the odd bird using it, but I never had my good camera with the long lens on it...This time I did and managed to get a few shots. It didn't seem too concerned with us being there, course we were far away! :-)

Not sure, when I'll be back on, but hopefully sooner rather than later!

Have a great week!

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