March 28, 2014

Myrtle Beach Wildlife

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some wildlife that you find in Myrtle Beach! Pretty much the same as you'd find here in Ontario during the summer months!

I have a couple of photos of brown birds, which I think are grackles, a squirrel coming down the side of the tree and then a few shots of painted turtles. These were all taken at the Barefoot Landing Boardwalk, which is a nice place to walk off all those pralines we ate! We don't usually see a whole lot of wildlife here, but we have seen cormorants and an alligator in the past.

Well, it's been a quiet week as I try to shake this stupid cough...I'm usually good until I need to talk or sleep!! URGH.

Brooke made it home safe and sound yesterday and on time too! Keturah didn't have school yesterday and had a friend over, so I had a houseful of teens! Lots of fun! Today, Brooke and I went to Kingston for a bit of shopping.

Have a good weekend!


March 25, 2014

Fall Colours!

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the last of my favourite photos from our visit to the Warsaw Caves, near Peterborough. When we were there, we also drove around looking at the trees and their beautiful colouring. On our property, we only have evergreen-type trees, which remain green all year long, so I really enjoy seeing the trees change colours! We have even gone to Bancroft/Algonquin in the past to check out the fall colours!

I've included a few photos from the Liftlocks as we always end up going there at least once in awhile to check it out...Kevin had to hit up the museum, but we stayed outside--- 1. because it was so beautiful out and 2. because we had Zeek with us! 

Well, the plague that I caught last week is still with me. I can't say I've done much, other than watch TV and sleep! 

I did visit my Uncle because he had a health scare and we were quite worried about him, but he's doing much better now! Thank goodness! 

Brooke is coming home on Thursday for a long weekend! YAY! Not sure what we will do, but it will be nice to see her for a bit--before her exams start!

More later this week...

March 21, 2014

Warsaw Caves

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some photos from last September, taken at the Warsaw Caves near Peterborough. We headed up that way as Keturah and I had never been there before. Kevin had been there when he was younger, having lived in Lakefield for a few years!

There were a lot of nooks and crannies to explore. I didn't want to get dirty climbing in the caves (I'm such a GIRL), so Zeek and I waited above! If anyone decides to go, wear old clothes and take a flashlight, so you can really check them out. 

Well, I managed to catch the cold from K & K. They are so good about sharing! :-D Hopefully a nap is on the agenda this afternoon as I was up WAY TOO early--coughing!

Have a GREAT weekend!

March 18, 2014

Turtles and Tortoises

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some turtle and tortoise shots from the Alligator Adventure! My favourites are the second and the last photos. I think this may be the end of the Alligator Adventure photos! I'll have to find something to highlight next time!

Well, we had a good trip to Myrtle Beach this year. We did alot of feet were sore everyday! We didn't go back to the Alligator Adventure this year or Ripley's, but we did go to the Waccatee Zoo, Huntington State Beach and of course, the boardwalks, where we typically see some pelicans. Of course, this time there weren't very many of them, so not sure if I got too many shots of them! :-(

The weather was quite different this year! It was 19 when we arrived and then it went up to 25 and 26 on Mon and Tuesday, then on Thursday it was only 8 degrees! So, I was walking around the zoo with my winter coat on! :-) The locals said it hadn't been very nice weather. It was sunny and 14 when we left, so it was hard to get in the car and drive home! We ran into a snowstorm as we got on the Hwy 401 in Gananoque and could not see where we were going, so we got off at the next exit and took the hwy 2 until Kingston (it wasn't snowing there).

I'm glad this week is quiet as I'm fighting the cold that Keturah and Kevin have!

More soon...

March 4, 2014

Alligator Adventures: The Last of the Alligators!!

Welcome Back!

This week I am highlighting the LAST of the alligator photos. I bet you are all glad! I do have a few more shots of other animals at the Alligator Adventure, which I will include next time!

These photos are head shots and some shots of their enclosures so you can see they do have a few alligators. This is only one pen of them..they have quite a few more pens filled with them!

The last photo is that of an Albino Alligator. These guys are very hard to shoot as they are inside a fairly dark garage-type structure and its not very big either! They were laying in their little pond, so I only got a couple of head shots.

Well, I've been busy getting spring clothes ready for packing..almost there! I submitted my exam for the HTML/CSS course on the weekend and got 94% on the exam! Whoo Hoo..I'm just glad to get through it, it was a very challenging course. What to take next? Maybe some web design or WordPress courses.

Well, we leave on Friday morning, so this will be my last post until we return. It's calling for rain every day this week in Myrtle Beach so hopefully it will be nice when we are there..I don't care if it's hot, as long as it's sunny!!

I'll likely post photos on Facebook depending on the internet connection. Last year it sucked in the evening...was okay in the mornings so that is when I would usually post! We're staying at a different resort this year (but owned by the same corporation) so we shall see if this one is the same or better!

Have a great couple of weeks!