March 18, 2014

Turtles and Tortoises

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some turtle and tortoise shots from the Alligator Adventure! My favourites are the second and the last photos. I think this may be the end of the Alligator Adventure photos! I'll have to find something to highlight next time!

Well, we had a good trip to Myrtle Beach this year. We did alot of feet were sore everyday! We didn't go back to the Alligator Adventure this year or Ripley's, but we did go to the Waccatee Zoo, Huntington State Beach and of course, the boardwalks, where we typically see some pelicans. Of course, this time there weren't very many of them, so not sure if I got too many shots of them! :-(

The weather was quite different this year! It was 19 when we arrived and then it went up to 25 and 26 on Mon and Tuesday, then on Thursday it was only 8 degrees! So, I was walking around the zoo with my winter coat on! :-) The locals said it hadn't been very nice weather. It was sunny and 14 when we left, so it was hard to get in the car and drive home! We ran into a snowstorm as we got on the Hwy 401 in Gananoque and could not see where we were going, so we got off at the next exit and took the hwy 2 until Kingston (it wasn't snowing there).

I'm glad this week is quiet as I'm fighting the cold that Keturah and Kevin have!

More soon...

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