May 25, 2018

Lemoine's Point Conservation Area Black Squirrel

Kingston, ON

 Welcome Back!

Sorry for the delay in posting...we've been busy! Well, not really, but with the nice weather here, I'd much rather be outside than sitting inside on my laptop! :-)

Well, I passed a milestone on April 28th for this blog. I have been doing this blog since 2008...that's 9 years! Time does fly when you are having fun! 

This week, I wanted to finish highlighting the photos from this June day in 2015, when we went for a hike at Lemoine's Point in Kingston, Ontario.

The last critter to highlight was this black squirrel, who was scarily friendly...he looks menacing in some of the pics and I remember thinking that maybe it had rabies as it was not afraid of us in the least....:-) He looked like he wanted to beat us up and steal our sunflowers seeds! haha

Anyway, enough for today! Enjoy your week!