March 24, 2012

Big Tortoises

Sorry for the delay in posting...I thought I'd have time to post when we were in MB, but I barely had time to backup my photos each night before dropping into bed! We had to come back home for a rest! Really! We got home late last Saturday night, but with the loads of laundry, getting groceries, and picking up our animals from the pet-sitters, we were busy all weekend! Then I felt sick all week too--I got Kevin/Brooke's cold...

Anyway, today's photos were taken at the Alligator Adventure, where, yep, you guessed it--lots of alligators live there! Near the end of our walk, we saw these big guys. They started heading over to the fence to check us out, so we made sure to pet them, feel their big, hard shells and scratch their necks!
The first two photos below show the smaller one and the last 4 are of the bigger one! I've included photos of the family so you can see how big these guys really are.

They were pretty friendly too!

March 4, 2012

The Tree Kangaroo

Here's a cute little guy we saw at the Toronto Zoo on Family Day a couple weeks ago. Officially, he's called a Matschie's tree kangaroo. I'm highlighting him this time because I haven't got good shots of him..he's usually snoozing when I'm there! This time, we timed it right and his keeper was just showing up with some veggies/fruit for him, so he was pretty alert!

Anyway, we are off to Myrtle Beach again for the March Break..leaving on Friday, so not sure when I can post again.  I will try to do so from MB..while the kids are in the pool perhaps!

Have a great week!