September 22, 2009

More Cute Critters...

Hello Everyone! Sorry again for not posting in soo long (over a week!). I haven't been taking hardly any pictures lately (except for my homework and those are no fun)!!!

I had to travel to Rama again for work on Sun-Mon and am totally exhausted today!

Hey, it's Keturah's 12th Birthday today---Happy Birthday Keturah--my baby!! We just broke in her Beatles Rock Band game...lots of fun and found out I'm a pretty good singer and not a band drummer either! IF ONLY! lol

Anyway, here are some cuties that I took at the Bowmanville Zoo and the Ostrich picture was taken at the Peterborough Zoo...

More soon!!!

1st pic-Capyburra
2nd pic- Lemur
3rd pic-Deer type critter (can't remember it's name!)
4th pic -Ostrich (shot through a chain link fence--this was a homework assignment)


September 14, 2009


Congratulations to the Grays IDA Drugstore (Under 15) team who came in 1st place in the season and in the playoffs!

Here are a couple of shots of Brooke, one action shot and one with her medal. Way to go Brooke!

September 7, 2009

Bowmanville Zoo

Sorry for not posting in over a week..Time flies when you are having fun! The girls got back to school without a hitch, which was good. I've started a photography course, so have been busy reading and doing assignments for that as well as starting my Christmas cards too. This weekend we headed to Peterborough to the Lang Pioneer Village and Peterborough Zoo, so I will try to post some of those shots later this week too!

Here are some more shots of animals from the Bowmanville Zoo, where we went a couple of weeks ago!