February 28, 2015

Grand Manan Scenics

Welcome Back!

This week I have more Grand Manan scenic shots from my favourite island!

The first two are fishing boats we saw while touring around Seal Cove. The flowers are from that area as well.

The rest of the shots are from the Southwest Head Lighthouse area. It has a beautiful trail that takes you along the cliffs, so you can get some awesome shots of them! And, the last photo is that of the lighthouse itself. Another one of my favourite places to visit while on the Island.

Another quick week! I finished the Javascript program, wrote and passed the exam! I then started one on Web Design I, which is a course on the planning that should go into a website, including sitemaps, wireframing, layouts, etc.  Lots of fun! :-)

On my day off, I worked on my own small business stuff, so was basically on the computer all day! I realized how very slow my computer was, so I ended up buying a new computer last night..it was a good deal and it's sooo much faster than my old one..I don't have to wait to load my Adobe programs and can have more than 1 open and it doesn't crash! Now, I'm trying to get this new one customized and transferring photos, files, etc...fun! So, you know what I'll be doing all weekend!

Have a great week!

February 22, 2015

Grand Manan Island Scenics

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some scenic pictures from Grand Manan Island. I have the last of the pitcher plant photos..this one shows how big they are! The next couple of photos are some flowers/weeds and then the bridge at the start of the Anchorage Park hiking trail. 

The next four shots were taken at Seal Cove. This is a historic fishing village with a lot of cool buildings. It's very scenic and especially when they get reflected into the water. 

Unfortunately, the sun was not with us when we were here this time! But I do have some that show the reflections on the blog here, if you wanted to search for them! 

Well, another week went speeding by...I worked on the JavaScript language all week and will finish up this week if all goes well..It's a very challenging language and I "think" I'm finally understanding it! Better late than never I guess! :-)

I picked up the new ride on Friday. I got a 2012 Mazda 3 and it's bright red! I only picked this one because it had low Kms..about 28K, so that was pretty cool! We put a lot of miles on our vehicles! My 2007 Honda has 281K on it...Keturah is going to drive it until it dies...hopefully it'll last a few months for her!

Well, it was a pretty quiet weekend, just a Costco run and haircuts...Brooke is heading back to Waterloo today so we have to head to the VIA station soon! :-(

Enjoy your week!

February 16, 2015

Anchorage Provincial Park, Grand Manan, NB

Welcome Back!

This week I have more photos of the carnivorous plants (pitcher plant, pitcher plant flowers and sundew) we found while hiking at the Anchorage Provincial Park on Grand Manan Island in August during our holidays.

This week was a busy week with Kevin having a bad eye infection and ending up at the emerg because he couldn't see and then a trip to Hotel Dieu Eye Clinic on Tuesday...lots of excitement, but not the good kind! :-) The good news is, he is on the mend and will heal completely within a couple of weeks. 

Because I had to take Tuesday off for his appt, I had to go to school on Friday. It went surprisingly fast! I finished up the Flash course, wrote the exam and am now studying JavaScript. It's another programming language and is interesting/challenging!

I got to finally visit my friend LaurieAnn on Friday night for a long overdue visit! It was great to catch up over a cup of tea!

Brooke made it home on Saturday after travelling all day--another train delay. We finally decided to bite the bullet and get a newer car, so we went out test driving on the weekend. Spending a quiet day at home today!

Have a great week!

February 8, 2015

Anchorage Provincial Park, Grand Manan, NB

Welcome Back!

This week I'm highlighting some plants we found while hiking at the Anchorage Provincial Park on Grand Manan Island during our holidays in August.

2nd & 3rd pic-carnivorous Pitcher plants
4th, 5th & 6th pics-the flowers of the Pitcher plants
7th & 8th pics-carnivorous Sundew plants

Well, this week flew by as well...I was busy at school and finished the Fireworks course and wrote the exam. I then started the Flash course. It's the most challenging I've done so far and was worried for awhile that I wouldn't understand it, but by lesson 3, things were starting to come together a bit clearer. I hope it stays that way! :-)

Other than feeling sick on Friday, I didn't do too much on my day off--- stayed close to home. Note to self: don't eat at Swiss Chalet! :-)

More Grand Manan photos next week and for a few weeks afterwards!

Enjoy your week!

February 1, 2015

Grand Manan Flowers

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some photos of flowers. These were taken at the house we rented on Grand Manan Island. She had lots of beautiful flowers around the house and as I was waiting for everyone to gather outside, so we could go hiking, I took a few photos. And, as you know, I am definitely not a gardener, so I'm not sure what kinds these are!

This week went by fast again too! I worked on Fireworks all week and will likely write the exam tomorrow and then on to the next subject!

I've been trying to spend some time each evening working with WordPress, because I should learn how to use it to create websites as well as all the Adobe products...it's  not covered in my program unfortunately. :-(  Right now my site is on an internal server, so I can't even share the link so you can check it out, but when I'm ready I'll buy a hosting package, so I can show the world! :-)

Friday was a PA day, so Keturah and I headed to Belleville to get my car fixed (the valve installed) and then we went to Melissa's house and went out to lunch with her and Kaden. We had a great visit with them!

More Grand Manan pics next week!