February 28, 2015

Grand Manan Scenics

Welcome Back!

This week I have more Grand Manan scenic shots from my favourite island!

The first two are fishing boats we saw while touring around Seal Cove. The flowers are from that area as well.

The rest of the shots are from the Southwest Head Lighthouse area. It has a beautiful trail that takes you along the cliffs, so you can get some awesome shots of them! And, the last photo is that of the lighthouse itself. Another one of my favourite places to visit while on the Island.

Another quick week! I finished the Javascript program, wrote and passed the exam! I then started one on Web Design I, which is a course on the planning that should go into a website, including sitemaps, wireframing, layouts, etc.  Lots of fun! :-)

On my day off, I worked on my own small business stuff, so was basically on the computer all day! I realized how very slow my computer was, so I ended up buying a new computer last night..it was a good deal and it's sooo much faster than my old one..I don't have to wait to load my Adobe programs and can have more than 1 open and it doesn't crash! Now, I'm trying to get this new one customized and transferring photos, files, etc...fun! So, you know what I'll be doing all weekend!

Have a great week!

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