May 30, 2011

Pretty as a Peacock!

Hello All! Sorry for the delay in posting...been busy, busy! Working on a new project with my friend Melissa, that has to do with Photography! I'll announce it here when we are ready to go!

Melissa and I went to the zoo on May 20th and got lots of cool animal photos. So here are some of a pretty male peacock, who was strutting his stuff!! I will try update again sooner rather than later!

May 18, 2011

Some Cuties!

Here are some cuties from Ottawa....These are from the archives from January 2011! Can't believe it's been that long since we visited...time to go again, I think!
1st pic-Bailey-looking bored at me!
2nd pic-Mickey, looking all ferocious, but really just yawning..yep bored at me too!
3rd pic-Gizmo-looking concerned...I just said the "T" word!


May 11, 2011

Lemoine's Point Critters

A couple of weekends ago we went for our first hike at Lemoine's! The trilliums were growing well, but were not open yet. We saw a few critters there...Mostly chickadees, chipmunks, squirrels, woodpecker and a blue jay! My girlie, Keturah fed some chickadees from her hand...They are still pretty tame. The bluejay looked pretty hard, but would not land on anyone's hand! The chipmunks were pretty tame as well and wanted some sunflower seeds..luckily we brought lots and Keturah fed them too!