October 25, 2009

Giddy Up!

Keturah finally got back to riding lessons yesterday. Yep, when it was a very rainy day! Luckily (for them) they rode in the new arena, so stayed nice and dry, but my photos of her were pretty crappy due to the lighting in the arena...I guess I'll have to bring my bigger flash, but then I'll probably scare all the horses then! SIGH...

Here are some friendly horses I shot in and around the farm:

1st-Thunder, waiting to ride
2nd-RV, wanting to come in from the rain I think
3rd-Henry, just hanging out in the new arena stalls

October 14, 2009

Shediac, New Brunswick

Here are some pictures taken during our trip through NB. We stopped in this little town called Shediac. We walked along the beach where most of these were taken. The first picture was taken at the visitor's centre.

1st-the family with the big metal lobster
2nd-Dad and Keturah pretending they are lobsters
3rd-Greater Yellowlegs bird
4th-Hermit Crab
5th-fishing boat coming into the harbour

October 5, 2009

For the Birds...

Wow, it's been 2 weeks since my last post..hard to believe it's been that long! I haven't posted because I have been very creative and made lots of handmade cards for Halloween and Christmas!!! Lots of fun!

I have not taken any pictures lately!! (just Keturah's bday party last weekend!) So, here are some rare birds, that I shot at the Magnetic Hill Zoo in New Brunswick during our holidays in August.
1st pic-Kookaburra
2nd pic-a Stork
3rd Pic-an Eagle