January 25, 2011

A Few From the Zoo!

Hello Everyone! Here are some shots from the Toronto Zoo when we visited in December! It was a great day for visiting the zoo, but wish my family was a little more patient as I love to stop and take a few hundred pics of each animal (I'm not kidding!). Anyway, I hope to go again soon with my friend and fellow photography-lover, Melissa!! She is as bad as I am! That's a good thing though!

Here are some of my fave pics, with the big cats being my favourite!!

1st pic-Zebras-a parent and child (they blend well together)
2nd pic-Lioness (she was pacing around)
3rd pic-Lion (he was looking at me like I was lunch!)
4th pic-Black-throated laughing thrush (getting a snack and keeping an eye on us!)
5th pic-Colobus monkey (hanging out)
6th pic-blind cave tetra (it has no eyes!)


January 19, 2011

More Winged Things....

Here are some more shots of things with wings...yep, some butterflies! These were all taken at the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory when we went in December. These little buggers are hard to shoot as they don't stay still and pose for photographers..don't they know I could make them famous?!!! Hee Hee Anyway, I'm not sure what kind they all are, as I have a bad memory and I didn't purchase the book about the Conservatory, so if you know what kinds they are, please leave me a message! My favourite is the 4th one...I guess because I like the colour orange!

Anyway, enjoy these and I'll try to find some shots for next week that are different (no wings!), maybe some from the TO Zoo. Have a GREAT week!

January 12, 2011

Niagara Falls is for the Birds....

or Bird Lovers anyway! Here are some shots of parrots taken at the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls. We went there in December for my birthday weekend! We had a great time and this is one of our favourite spots there. We also went to the Butterfly Conservatory, which provides lots of photo ops too!

1st Pic-Macaw
2nd Pic-African Grey Parrot
3rd and 4th-Macaw
5th-Green Parrot

January 6, 2011


Happy New Year everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Life was quite busy over the holidays...I had to go back to work to get some rest! The girls and I were in Ottawa for New Years and had a great time with our friends! Last Wed, we headed to the Toronto Zoo, where these pictures were taken. My New Year's resolution was to update my blog more often and now that the holidays are over, I hope to get back on track and update at LEAST once per week! I tried to add a post last night, but my computer/software was not cooperating!

1st Pic-Fish in a big wall-sized aquarium
2nd & 3rd Pic-Birds (I forget the names of them)
4th Pic-Rhinoceros

Enjoy! More next week!