January 25, 2011

A Few From the Zoo!

Hello Everyone! Here are some shots from the Toronto Zoo when we visited in December! It was a great day for visiting the zoo, but wish my family was a little more patient as I love to stop and take a few hundred pics of each animal (I'm not kidding!). Anyway, I hope to go again soon with my friend and fellow photography-lover, Melissa!! She is as bad as I am! That's a good thing though!

Here are some of my fave pics, with the big cats being my favourite!!

1st pic-Zebras-a parent and child (they blend well together)
2nd pic-Lioness (she was pacing around)
3rd pic-Lion (he was looking at me like I was lunch!)
4th pic-Black-throated laughing thrush (getting a snack and keeping an eye on us!)
5th pic-Colobus monkey (hanging out)
6th pic-blind cave tetra (it has no eyes!)


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