January 28, 2012


These are from our hiking trip in June to Presquile Park in Brighton. These were all taken along the boardwalk and mostly growing in water (sorry I don't know the names of them!) Look closely and see if you can see the little insects that "jumped" into my shots! :-) The dragonfly in the last photo is supposed to be there!

January 21, 2012

A Variety of Zoo Animals

Today I have included a little bit of everything, well not EVERYTHING, but different zoo animals! I think I've finally exhausted my zoo animals from our last trip there..may have to go again soon! Anyway, I'm sure I'll find some other animals to include next week as I have a few (million) taking up space on my external drives! :-)

So, for this week, I'm including the following:

1st Pic- West Caucasian Tur (yep, that's their name, don't ask)
2nd Pic- Dhole, Asiatic Wild Dog (again, don't ask!)
3rd Pic-American Reindeer (he was striking a pose!)
4th Pic-Red Panda (I can never get a good shot of these guys..it's not like they move fast or anything, but they do spend most of their day sleeping!)
5th Pic-Snow Leopard (shot through glass, so not the best quality..have to try again next time)
6th Pic-Siberian Tiger (love these guys and he looked so cute here, pretending to sleep)

January 13, 2012

The Polar Bear!

Welcome back! I hope everyone is enjoying this icy/snowy weather we've been getting lately! I could have done without the Hydro being off for 9hrs or more yesterday, but other than that it looks very pretty! I am posting my weekly post early this week as the girls and I are heading to Ottawa for the weekend...We were suppose to go today after work, but the roads are too darn yucky for me and Ottawa is getting it worse than we are, so we'll hopefully head that way tomorrow morning!

Anyway, here are some shots of the polar bear from the Toronto Zoo. There was another one in the back cage area, but he wasn't in camera-shot, so I only got photos of this one...He/she was pretty lazy as you can see from these pics. These aren't my best pics, but they were shot through glass, so all in all, I was happy with them!


January 8, 2012

Last of the Lions

As promised in my last post, I've included some more pictures of the lions. I love the big cats!! I'm not sure if this is a female or the male lion without a mane (as we had heard).

Sorry if some of these look similar, if I happened to like the pose or facial expression, I included it!

I'll have some different zoo animals for you next week (probably some polar bear shots)!

Have a great week!!