January 21, 2012

A Variety of Zoo Animals

Today I have included a little bit of everything, well not EVERYTHING, but different zoo animals! I think I've finally exhausted my zoo animals from our last trip there..may have to go again soon! Anyway, I'm sure I'll find some other animals to include next week as I have a few (million) taking up space on my external drives! :-)

So, for this week, I'm including the following:

1st Pic- West Caucasian Tur (yep, that's their name, don't ask)
2nd Pic- Dhole, Asiatic Wild Dog (again, don't ask!)
3rd Pic-American Reindeer (he was striking a pose!)
4th Pic-Red Panda (I can never get a good shot of these guys..it's not like they move fast or anything, but they do spend most of their day sleeping!)
5th Pic-Snow Leopard (shot through glass, so not the best quality..have to try again next time)
6th Pic-Siberian Tiger (love these guys and he looked so cute here, pretending to sleep)

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