December 29, 2008

More Horse Shots

Here are a few more horse shots from Saturday at the farm...The first is Andy, looking in the barn, 2nd is a cute horse with ribbons in his/her hair, 3rd is a shot of Chinook (I think) and 4th is a shot of Amigo, also looking into the barn!

December 27, 2008

Slip Slidin Away...

Today, we headed to the farm for Keturah's riding lesson and slid right past the was glare ice on the backroads! It was also very slippery in the farm yard and the horses were sliding around too. I almost fell a few times myself! The ring was too icy to ride, so they did their lesson out in the field, where it was just snowy and slushy and pouring rain at times. How dedicated some of these kids are (Keturah especially!). Lucky for me, I brought my big umbrella so stayed mostly dry! Here are some horse shots while they were in the barn, but they still all look pretty soggy though.

1st Pic- Arwin- (my favourite shot of the day!)
2nd Pic-Amigo (I think) He wanted into the barn.
3rd Pic-Nicki (Keturah rode this little one today!)
4th Pic-Freya looking over her stall at the other horses

December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you all a very Merry and Safe Christmas!

December 23, 2008

A Quick Post....

to let you know I'm still alive, just busy wrapping, wrapping, wrapping!

We went to see the Ottawa Senators play at Scotiabank Place on Saturday for my birthday and stayed overnight too. We met up with my friend, Anne for brunch and visited with her while we watched the snow come down and blow around. We were thinking about staying over another night because the snow was so heavy, but then about 2pm, it cleared right up and wasn't nearly as bad, so we headed home. It took us 3.5hours, but we got home, safe and sound. Traffic was pretty good, given the road conditions and we only saw 1 accident--a jack-knifed tractor trailer between Kingston and Napanee. The snow did start up again in Gananoque, but we just took it easy!

Anyway, today, I'm just adding a picture of the scoreboard showing that Ottawa beat the Dallas Stars in overtime. Considering how badly they've played lately, it was pretty great to see them win while we were there! I had to use Brooke's camera as SLRs are not allowed at Scotiabank Place, so I'm not sure of the quality!

December 18, 2008


Here's a gorgeous horse from the farm, taken last Saturday. It was a beautiful day, although a bit cold. This pretty girl loved posing for the camera!

December 14, 2008

Pretty Bird

Here are some shots of our beloved cockatiel, Wyatt. He was actually being good while I took some pics of must have been because we were putting up our Christmas tree the other night and he's always scared of new things!

Well, I'm off to Toronto today to teach tomorrow...the good thing is that the family is coming with me...they plan to visit the Science Center tomorrow and we will likely do some shopping today...I'm almost done! Yeah!

Here's "Pretty Bird Wyatt" (I like the 2nd shot the best, it shows his whole crest!)

December 9, 2008

Upper Canada Village

Sorry for not posting in a week! Wow, time flies when you're having fun I guess. Busy time of year, plus I'm travelling for work too.

So here's a few pictures of our trip to Upper Canada Village. We went on Saturday night to see the lights---they have 275,000 lights throughout the village. We walked around and went for a wagon ride, had some dinner and then some hot chocolate and got home about 9:30pm.

Sunday I was off to Rama--the good news, besides seeing Kenny Rogers (hee hee--free tickets), is that I am now done teaching there! Yeah!!! Now I have a couple of trips left to Toronto and then I'll be done travelling for awhile!

Here are the pics for today---I should have used a tripod for the night shots, but this camera lets you set the ISO to 6400, so I just shot them hand-held. They didn't turn out too bad, a bit noisy, but it's hardly noticeable (hopefully!)

1st shot-Kevin, Emily, Keturah and Brooke
2nd shot-the church all lit up
3rd shot-Keturah outside the general store

December 2, 2008

Ducks On Ice...

Here are some pictures of our local ducks, taken a couple of weeks ago. The river was frozen over a bit and when we were feeding the ducks, they were slipping and sliding...Very cute!