December 27, 2008

Slip Slidin Away...

Today, we headed to the farm for Keturah's riding lesson and slid right past the was glare ice on the backroads! It was also very slippery in the farm yard and the horses were sliding around too. I almost fell a few times myself! The ring was too icy to ride, so they did their lesson out in the field, where it was just snowy and slushy and pouring rain at times. How dedicated some of these kids are (Keturah especially!). Lucky for me, I brought my big umbrella so stayed mostly dry! Here are some horse shots while they were in the barn, but they still all look pretty soggy though.

1st Pic- Arwin- (my favourite shot of the day!)
2nd Pic-Amigo (I think) He wanted into the barn.
3rd Pic-Nicki (Keturah rode this little one today!)
4th Pic-Freya looking over her stall at the other horses

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