December 14, 2008

Pretty Bird

Here are some shots of our beloved cockatiel, Wyatt. He was actually being good while I took some pics of must have been because we were putting up our Christmas tree the other night and he's always scared of new things!

Well, I'm off to Toronto today to teach tomorrow...the good thing is that the family is coming with me...they plan to visit the Science Center tomorrow and we will likely do some shopping today...I'm almost done! Yeah!

Here's "Pretty Bird Wyatt" (I like the 2nd shot the best, it shows his whole crest!)


Paigie said...

hehe cutie!(8 days till x-mas)

Susan said...

Thanks, I know I'm a cutie..oh! you mean Wyatt right?

Yep, can't wait for the big day!

Hope to see you over the holidays...come visit!