December 9, 2008

Upper Canada Village

Sorry for not posting in a week! Wow, time flies when you're having fun I guess. Busy time of year, plus I'm travelling for work too.

So here's a few pictures of our trip to Upper Canada Village. We went on Saturday night to see the lights---they have 275,000 lights throughout the village. We walked around and went for a wagon ride, had some dinner and then some hot chocolate and got home about 9:30pm.

Sunday I was off to Rama--the good news, besides seeing Kenny Rogers (hee hee--free tickets), is that I am now done teaching there! Yeah!!! Now I have a couple of trips left to Toronto and then I'll be done travelling for awhile!

Here are the pics for today---I should have used a tripod for the night shots, but this camera lets you set the ISO to 6400, so I just shot them hand-held. They didn't turn out too bad, a bit noisy, but it's hardly noticeable (hopefully!)

1st shot-Kevin, Emily, Keturah and Brooke
2nd shot-the church all lit up
3rd shot-Keturah outside the general store

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