July 26, 2015

Whale Watching Cruise, Pt. 2

Greater Shearwater Seabirds, Grand Manan Island, NB

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some seabirds we saw while cruising with Sea Watch Tours. These are Greater Shearwater birds and are found abundantly in the Bay of Fundy. We saw quite a few on our trip, as we were heading out to the whale watching area, so I took a few dozen photos!

This week went by fast again. I had a great lunch with a friend from Academy of  Learning College and got caught up with some other students and teachers! I headed to Ottawa on Wednesday and spent a couple of days hanging with Keturah as well as Anne & Fred! It's always a great visit!

Brooke was off on Friday, so we headed out for a nice lunch and a bit of shopping. Kevin painted the living room and we've been cleaning up the kitchen a bit today...getting rid a lot of stuff we no longer use! We're slowly getting there!

This week, we are heading to Grand Manan Island for a week or so for vacation! Looking forward to it...I love travelling! So, I likely won't be posting next week, unless it happens to be a rainy day and I need some computer time (yes, I miss it, if I'm away too long)!

So, have a great couple of weeks!

July 20, 2015

A Whale Watching We Will Go...

Sea Watch Tours, Grand Manan Island, NB

Welcome Back!

This time I'm starting to highlight the photos of our whale watching cruise that we took last summer while we visited Grand Manan Island. This is our third time cruising with Sea Watch Tours and would highly recommend them...It's a money back guarantee...you only pay if you see whales! We've seen whales (8 or more) each trip! The staff are very knowledgable, professional and helpful! The free coffee/hot chocolate is always nice too! www.seawatchtours.com

These photos include shots of Grand Manan Island as well as other islands on our way to see the whales...As you can tell from the photos, it was quite foggy that day! It was funny weather that day, as it was clear on shore, then foggy, then clear, etc. etc.

I'll have some shots of the birds we saw on our cruise next week!

Wow, last week went by so fast..the whole summer is going so fast actually! I'm not sure what we did, other than go for a few walks at the waterfall park! Keturah was home for a couple of days, but we didn't see too much of her as she was out with friends. Saturday, we had my sister and her hubby over for dinner and on Sunday we went to Kevin's sister's house for a family dinner there..lots of good fellowship and food all weekend long!

This week I will be visiting the college to pick up some certificates and have lunch with some friends who are still there. I will also be heading to Ottawa on Wednesday to visit Keturah for a couple of days.

Enjoy your week!

July 12, 2015

Pheasants of Grand Manan Island, N.B

Grand Manan Island, NB

Welcome Back!

This time I have 8 photos of the same bird...I think it's a pheasant...not sure though. I saw it in the neighbour's yard next door to the house we rented last summer on Grand Manan Island. There were two of them, but I didn't get a good shot of the other one. He/she is very pretty and wasn't overly concerned about me taking it's picture. I did have my long lens on though! Can't wait to get back there for a visit!

This week was renovations! The two doors are finally installed. We have also been downsizing all the crap we've accumulated over the last 25 years! It's amazing how much stuff we have that we don't need! Feels good to purge, although there is some stuff that I won't get rid of no matter what! :-)

Keturah came home for a couple of days last week too, so it was nice to have her around! She is coming back this week too! She has to get a series of rabies shots for school, so has to have another shot this week. Brooke is off to her annual camping trip for a few days with friends! Fun stuff!

Next week, I'll likely start with the whale-watching trip photos!

Have a great week!

July 6, 2015

Seal Cove Beach, Grand Manan Island, NB

Seal Cove Beach, Grand Manan Island

Welcome back! This time I am including some photos of the Seal Cove Sand Beach found on Grand Manan Island. As you can see from these photos, the tide is out, so lots of walking in the sand here! The sun was bright in some photos as this was after supper. On the photo of the rocks (and it's a tall pile), you can see how far up the water does come when the tide is in....It's just so cool to witness. Sometimes it's a detriment if you want to go fishing at a certain time, only to find the tide is out and there's little or no water! :-)

I'm late posting this week as yesterday was busy. We re-started our renovations and had to run to Home Depot and then came home to try to install exterior doors, only to find we didn't have everything we needed! SIGH. So, we are at it again today, but I'm taking a break! :-)

Last week, we went to Ottawa with Keturah, as she had orientation for her new job at Costco. We went shopping at the outlet mall, visited with friends and went to watch Liam play baseball. She was finally done at 8pm. A very late night for us! She had to start work on Friday evening, so she drove down on Friday with her clothes and belongings..it was so sad to see her go! :-( The house is so quiet now!

We are heading to Grand Manan in a few weeks, so we have that to look forward to---it will likely be just Kevin, Zeek and me!