July 26, 2015

Whale Watching Cruise, Pt. 2

Greater Shearwater Seabirds, Grand Manan Island, NB

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some seabirds we saw while cruising with Sea Watch Tours. These are Greater Shearwater birds and are found abundantly in the Bay of Fundy. We saw quite a few on our trip, as we were heading out to the whale watching area, so I took a few dozen photos!

This week went by fast again. I had a great lunch with a friend from Academy of  Learning College and got caught up with some other students and teachers! I headed to Ottawa on Wednesday and spent a couple of days hanging with Keturah as well as Anne & Fred! It's always a great visit!

Brooke was off on Friday, so we headed out for a nice lunch and a bit of shopping. Kevin painted the living room and we've been cleaning up the kitchen a bit today...getting rid a lot of stuff we no longer use! We're slowly getting there!

This week, we are heading to Grand Manan Island for a week or so for vacation! Looking forward to it...I love travelling! So, I likely won't be posting next week, unless it happens to be a rainy day and I need some computer time (yes, I miss it, if I'm away too long)!

So, have a great couple of weeks!

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