May 29, 2008

Yet More Wildlife in Napanee!!!

Here are some very rare and exotic wildlife found ONLY in Napanee!!! :-) (except when we let them out) ....These pics were taken in Belleville, near Riverside Park. They are so photogenic!

May 28, 2008

More Wildlife In Napanee!!

Here are a few more pictures from our hike along the Napanee River on Sunday. More duck pictures, but also a few shots of a mother and her babies...It was hard to get a clear shot of the babies, as mommy protected them very well from us, staying close to the grass along the edge of the river or swimming away with them!

May 27, 2008

Napanee Wildlife!

Here are some pics of a heron who was fishing at the waterfall at Napanee Springside Park on Sunday night. He didn't have much luck while we were there, but it was fun watching him "fish". He/she was very photogenic.

May 26, 2008

Wildlife in Quinte

We went for a hike to the Frink Centre in Belleville on Sunday. We didn't enjoy the walk through the woods because of the mosquitos trying to eat us alive, but we enjoyed our walk along the boardwalk which went through a swamp. We saw the critters below: a small bullfrog, a large bullfrog, a couple of turtles on a log, a watersnake (EEWW!), a dragonfly and a lilypad flower.

May 25, 2008

Exciting Stuff!

Well, our exciting news isn't all that exciting to most people, not even to me, but to Kevin and Keturah it is...Kevin bought a 2 seater Kayak!!! We went to Clear Water Designs across the bay yesterday to check them out and Kevin liked it and the girls said they'd ride in it with him and so he bought it. Late yesterday, they took it for a spin in the Napanee River. Everyone is enjoying it, except me, because I prefer my boats with a big motor and lots of room to move around, but now I have something else to photograph! haha

Kevin and Keturah on their first journey!

Brooke and Keturah going for a ride---Kevin may not get a turn ever again!

May 24, 2008

A Rare Sight...

Yep, it's a rare sight, when I get into a picture---I'm ALWAYS behind the camera---here I am getting some luv from the foal, who is always friendly, but today he was being a little overly friendly---nibbling my ear!

Two posts today!!! What's going on? Can you tell I'm a bit BORED? Yep, I'm backing up ALL my pictures (well, since December anyway) from my hard drive to DVDs, so I will have 3 copies of all my pics...I also back up to my external hard drive, but you just can never be too safe, so here I am stuck at my laptop!!! I'm not even done January yet, so I may be here all weekend!!! What a way to spend a Saturday night eh? Actually Keturah and I just finished playing some rousing Guitar Hero! Just when I think I'm doing so well, getting 98% of the notes on one song, the next I get 89%--SIGH.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend---I'll have another post tomorrow, with some exciting news and pictures from this weekend!!

Saturday at the Farm...

Wow, what a beautiful day today! Perfect day for riding and exploring around the farm..We did our usual exploring and snapping pics along the way---here are some of the ones I liked...

A cute fuzzy donkey (still has his winter coat on?)

Keturah and Abby going to the riding ring

Abby, waiting to get her passenger!

Casey, the 8 month old Foal, eats an apple and enjoys it very much!

Keturah riding Abby over the small jump---Keturah loved doing the jumps today!

May 23, 2008

What Muppet Are YOU?

Here's a quiz you should check out...The Muppet Personality Quiz--I'm Fozzie Bear! HA

Here's a picture of one of my Mother's Day presents--I hope I don't kill it---I don't have a very green thumb (it's more black, than green).

May 21, 2008

Soccer Night In Napanee

Yes, Brooke had her first get together tonight---not a game and not quite a practice because their coach wasn't there, so they just got their uniforms and scrimmaged for a 1/2 hr or so, which was good because it was freezing out there--can't believe its the 3rd week of May!!! She plays for Canadian Tire team again and is #4 again too! Here are some shots from the sidelines:

May 20, 2008

"I Don't Like Mondays"...

except on holidays, like yesterday! After it finished raining we headed to Kingston to go for a hike. We ended up going to Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area (where we saw the Barred Owl) and found a few things to take pictures of below. Also, saw a couple of snakes, but didn't want to take their picture!

1. A goose family quickly swimming away from us.
2. A great blue heron, trying to hide from us in the weeds.
3. A great blue heron, flying around the water. There were actually two of them, but I couldn't get them together.
4. Kevin holding up a pike that Keturah caught while fishing in the Napanee River on Monday after dinner.

May 19, 2008

Wildlife In Peterborough

On Sunday we drove to Peterborough to visit the Zoo there. It's a pretty nice little zoo, with a very scenic walkway, train ride, fun playground and of course, the animals. I didn't shoot too many of the animals, as they are behind wire in their cages.

We took a picnic lunch and as soon as we sat down to eat, a couple of ducks showed up wanting some food---so we gave them some of our bread. They hung around for quite awhile, so they must have been hungry!
We were there for about 2hours before it started pouring down rain!!!
Here are some pics we took during our visit/walk:

"Saturday in the Park"

We got out to the Napanee park late Saturday afternoon, after the rain stopped and here are a few things we saw along our way.

1. Blossoms
2. Painted turtle on a log
3. Mushrooms growing on a tree
4. The waterfall
5. Female duck---she was on this side of the fence and her mate was on the other side of the fence and they were both walking up towards the waterfall. So cute!
6. Here's a nice-sized frog half hiding under a rock.

May 17, 2008

Funny Farm Pics...

No, not THE "Funny Farm" Pics, but Funny, Farm pics....Here are a few funny and/or cute ones from our visits to the farm.

You can also find Jerome's "laughing" pic in an earlier post.

Here they are:

1. Here is Harmony the Mule, rolling around--not that funny, but she was doing it in the middle of the riding ring during Keturah's class. Gave everyone a laugh!

2. & 3. Here's a pretty horse, sticking it's tongue out and then showing off it's teeth--these were taken right after we had given it some mints---maybe it doesn't really like mints or it was stuck in it's teeth!

4. This is a picture of Abby sticking her tongue out at me...I think she also tried to bite me that day too...She probably doesn't like getting her picture taken so much!

5. A curious horse checking out Kevin's pocket---he probably knew Kevin had mints in his pocket!

6. I thought this was cute---this little horse checking out Kevin---Kevin didn't even know he was there!

7. Another horse making funny faces---again after eating mints!

8. These guys look really "special"---enough said!