May 17, 2008

Funny Farm Pics...

No, not THE "Funny Farm" Pics, but Funny, Farm pics....Here are a few funny and/or cute ones from our visits to the farm.

You can also find Jerome's "laughing" pic in an earlier post.

Here they are:

1. Here is Harmony the Mule, rolling around--not that funny, but she was doing it in the middle of the riding ring during Keturah's class. Gave everyone a laugh!

2. & 3. Here's a pretty horse, sticking it's tongue out and then showing off it's teeth--these were taken right after we had given it some mints---maybe it doesn't really like mints or it was stuck in it's teeth!

4. This is a picture of Abby sticking her tongue out at me...I think she also tried to bite me that day too...She probably doesn't like getting her picture taken so much!

5. A curious horse checking out Kevin's pocket---he probably knew Kevin had mints in his pocket!

6. I thought this was cute---this little horse checking out Kevin---Kevin didn't even know he was there!

7. Another horse making funny faces---again after eating mints!

8. These guys look really "special"---enough said!

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