May 11, 2008

Looks Can Be Deceiving!

Well, we made our usual trek to the Farm on Saturday for Keturah's class and as per usual, Kevin and I were off exploring, feeding mints to the horses, taking pics, etc...This time the llamas were quite close by, so I had a field day snapping their pictures. We were minding our own business taking pictures of the donkeys, when this Llama came bolting down the hill right towards us and he's making this clicking sound to intimidate us...well, he scared the crap out of us to be honest! We hid behind a tree because we couldn't jump over the fence quick enough. Apparently, we find out a bit later that his name is "Larry" and he is quite mean...He wasn't supposed to be out...the llamas have their own enclosure and he is kept far, far away because he hates all people. So, some of the older girls, get on horses (because he is afraid of the horses) to round up the llamas and they herded them back into their correct pen.
The fourth picture is of Larry running towards us and then last one is of the llamas being rounded up.

And here I thought they were so cute!

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