May 16, 2008


Today is Brooke's turn for pics...Here are some of her doing various activities, but always smiling!

1. Brooke acting goofy -we were making faces at each other and taking pictures while in Niagara Falls Rainforest Cafe.

2. Brooke smiling while we were hiking at Lemoine's Point in Early Spring.

3. A recent picture of Brooke looking kinda funny- I think she was talking and I caught her with her mouth open---She'll hate me for putting this one on!

4. Another picture of her at Lemoine's Point, but this was in February (before she got her contacts).

5. Again, a picture of her at Lemoine's Point in April and she's eating a candy stick or something.

6. Brooke at her birthday party. sledding down the hill and screaming!

7. Brooke at the zoo on the March Break--love that hat!

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