May 13, 2008

A Bird in the Hand...

is worth how many in the bush, trees, water, forest, etc. etc? Here are some pretty birds---one even says "Pretty Bird"...

1. An American Woodcock--we saw this funny looking guy in the Conservation Area in March and he was acting quite weird and Kevin thought he might be nocturnal and so when we got home, we googled him to find out what he was and it turns out he was nocturnal and they aren't usually found in Canada until summer time...he's a bit early---hope he brought his snowshoes!

2. Woodpecker-this one was taken at the same conservation area when we were out hiking in early April. He was way up high in the tree, so the pic isn't the best quality! I didn't have my new lens then! He was shot with my 70-200mm lens.

3. Rare Cockatiel-This is my pet, Wyatt, who drives me nuts most days with his "talking"...He does whistle when I come into the room, so he's good for my ego!

4. Chickadees-We were at the Lemoines Point Conservation area hiking yet again and feeding sunflower seeds to these little guys..usually they take turns, but this one must have been in a hurry and was surprised by the one sitting there eating!

5. Dove-on our way out of the Conservation Area, I saw two of these doves sitting on a branch---the other was facing away from me the whole time, so I cropped him out of the shot!

6. Ducks-this male and female duck were shot at the Napanee River along the Boardwalk, where we go for a stroll when we don't want to go all the way to Kingston.

7. Nuthatch-these little guys are so cute--more timid than the chickadees, but willing to risk eating off your hand! Keturah was feeding him poptarts during our hike and he seemed to like it!

8. Swan- this is a swan who comes each spring and stays in the Napanee River for a couple of days. Usually they come in a pair, but this year I just saw the one. Of course, he was so far out that my lens didn't do him justice here, but you can get the idea. Thanks to Kevin for pulling off the road, so I could shoot him!

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